Steemit among the top gainers

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Steemit has been among the top gainers over the last few days.


What a welcome change. Overall the performance of the steem token has been rather bad.

I wonder though where this pump is coming from.

Does any analysis exist, i do not find a real technical reason for this pump. Does anyone know where the buying is coming from?


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Der Wert von steem ist größer als der Preis, und das wird nun von immer mehr Investoren erkannt. Auf keiner Blockchain spielt sich so viel reales Geschehen ab wie auf der steem-Chain.

If you take a look at the exchanges, the bigger volume is on Upbit, where the volume is over $8,000,000 which is amazing, the pair is Steem/KRW, so we have to say thank you to all Koreans <3

STEEM is the currency (along with SBD). Steem is the blockchain. Steemit is the oldest and, so far, most popular blogging app on Steem. Steemit Inc is the company that developed the blockchain and who runs Steemit.

I know you know all this. But there is a campaign, initiated by @taskmaster4450, to keep the nomenclature straight in order to not confuse newbies, which is I why I wish the older users would not be careless in their use of terminology.

Wow! That's Great. 20% increase. I hope it will go up as prices have been quite a down for the last few months.

I also think that Steem has a "brake point". IF steem is high enough MORE people want to blog again at steemit and buy steem. I do not know where it is but that is one point that makes steem so special.
Same as similar blogplatforms

Awesome and resteemed :-)

Die Kursentwicklung oder der Artikel?

Dass Steem mal wieder ein bisschen zulegt.

50% in wenigen Tagen ist doch mehr als "ein bisschen". Und da kommt noch mehr!

It was about time. Steem dropped so hard in last year, even though the fundamentals are still solid. Opposed to many others that did not drop nearly as much

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So good to see this after a long time full of patience Steem rocking in huge volume

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