Bounty: How do you feel about HF21

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So HF 21 has been upon us for a little while now.

I would like to know from you how you feel about it.

  • What do you like, what do you dislike.

  • What is steem doing well and what is missing.

  • How do you want steem to change in the future to be engaged

  • What will make you leave

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I think the new non-linear reward curve is doing more harm than good. Now the vote value depends on the overall performance of a post. Smaller bloggers earn less and curators are discouraged to upvote smaller accounts, which is not good.

The overall performance counts for each of us. So Text with photo and if a source. The vote value does not depend on the performance of the past but what "the crowd" upvotes according to @steemblog

My only fear is that not the crowd their vote counts (amount of voters) but the earning (which can be the vote of one whale).

What do you like, what do you dislike

I like: 50%/50% author and curation rewards.
I don't like: The Steemit Team "expect posts that would make more than 20 STEEM under the old rules to earn more after the changes. Those posts that would have made less than 20 STEEM under the old rules will receive less after the changes". The few rich gets richer, while the poor majority gets poorer.
I also don't like that our upvote values halved (mine is dropped from $0.008 to $0.004).

What is steem doing well and what is missing

The 50%/50% author and curation rewards are good, most of the other things in HF 21 are probably bad for the Steem blockchain. If the GF21 will reduce the number of content creators, and increase the number of curators, then that part will be good, but we will see. New and Small accounts have trouble interacting on the Steem blockchain, because they often run out of Resource Credits (RC). Anyone could write a whole book on what is missing.

How do you want steem to change in the future to be engaged

For example every new user should get a proper delegation (at least 100 Steem Power) at least for a few weeks (or 1 month) to avoid problems with (running out of) the Resource Credits (RC) in the beginning. Active users should be able to build up their accounts in 1 month. Maybe the whole platform would be more attractive for new users in that case.

What will make you leave

The Steem Blockchain? I don't even want to know, but it has to be very serious.

"reduce the number of content creators, and increase the number of curators"
That is exactly what it should theoretically do. Because if you are a small account and don't want to invest into the platform, your votes are now worth basically zero. So why bother posting? If it is worth nothing anyway you can still post on Facebook...

In my opinion, this HF was a clever trick to pump up the price, because investors will profit, small guys will lose. Then after the price is stable above 2$ again, start the onboarding of the masses...

How exactly will this boost price?

Let's say under the current situation before HF21 you earned 200 Steem per week from curation (as a whale). After HF 21 you earn 430 Steem per week. If the price of STEEM doubles, you earn 860 Steem per week. And if it doubles again (64cent) you earn 1720 Steem per week...

You think to yourself yeah and tell all your rich friends to invest now because Steem is still cheap.

So essentially, now the profitable thing to do is use vote-bot and just auto vote popular authors vs before i would have sold my votes?

Does vote selling still make sense?

I am not 100% sure yet, but I think vote selling your votes on minnowbooster for SBD is 20-40% less profitable (on average) than auto voting popular authors.

I think now it's popular votes > vote selling > self voting > vote exchanging

The more SP you have, the more curation you get. If a post reaches 40+$ the rewards start to get ridiculous due to the new curve.
20$ is equal to the old curve.

If steem ever reaches 5+$ again, we will see the 1000$ posts again...

Some do not like Facebook and like to write. We all start at 0 and need time to grow. I think mainly the large fish (automatically) curate. You earn nothing (as I understood) if you curate in the first <5 minutes.
I see many do that.

Big chance less will write although you won't know all about this if you join.

I find it strange that post less as 20 Steem earn less. If that is the case the reward is not 50/50.

If a vote of 20 steem is bought it makes the post is good content and it earns more?

-New curation split is good if it gets us a lot of new investors - time will tell.
-Delegation issue of Steemit and need of HF 22 is VERY bad.
-Fewer and higher quality posts is good.
-cleaned up trending is very good.
-less abuse and reward pool rape is good.
-I have not seen many retaliation flags up until now, which is good.
-Steem seems likely to drop even more. For me that is good, but unless you have some spare money and want to invest, this is bad.

For the future I want to see 100k abandoned user accounts come back to Steem once the price is above 5$ again.
I want to see as much new investors as possible preferably > 300k Steem each
I want the SPS/SMTs/communities to be a big success.
I want future payment systems to use Steem.
I want a crypto debit card to be as normal as a fiat debit card.

I don’t get how people will want to invest now. Care to explain?

I do not get it too.

What I like is that it seems people are voting my content more and I get rewarded more for the content I do upvote. I'm seeing about 3x more per week curation rewards so far.

What I don't like is that I'm fairly certain this is gonna reduce the need for bidbots, which will eventually lead to a liquidation of 10M-15M STEEM that is currently staked to the bots. Now maybe those tokens get staked elsewhere in the system (let's hope) but that potential is a pretty scary worst case scenario. I don't like it.

What steem is doing well is getting through hard forks better with less impact. They are speeding up development in general at Steemit Inc, while the community (S-E and others) are also pretty fast about spinning stuff up and getting out there. No other blockchain has that kind of dev talent (unless they are paying for tons of devs themselves).

In the future, I'd like to see STEEM finally solve onboarding. To me, that's the #1 barrier to growth. It should take <3 minutes to sign up and it should be free. Period. Short and sweet tutorials should be available to explain the system and the community(s).

I honestly don't know what would make me leave beyond maybe $.02 STEEM?

For me its a bit too soon to see how it all plays out.
But for the most part, I am not seeing too many things that are VASTLY different. I do delegate some SP and have been told that the ROI from that could be increasing, but I have not seen it yet.
After a week or two, it would be good to see how it affects new sign-ups and such.

What I like is that the front page of steem looks a bit cleaned up as the downvotes pushed down some of the fluff. So that's good.

What I dislike, is that all my posts from Pre-Hardfok that did not payout yet were also effected. I would have been nice no to have them or their payout hit. :/

As for what I see Steem doing in the future that could help, well an active campaign to recruit video game companies on to the platform. Just think if we got Blizzard and World of Warcraft to use Steem as a payment system for in a game, that would Kick Steem from .17 to $5 overnight. So the more active recruitment of larger players.

What would make me leave... hmm not sure. I am in it for the long haul, if we dropped to 0.001 I would just buy Massive quantities of Steem. But I guess, engagement. If there are no people here.. why stay? But then, Steem and Steemit are 2 different things so even if their are no people in Steemit, Steem may still have a lot of driving force.

That's my thoughts, enjoy` :D

Well I happen to give your post a vote it hardly reflects what it's worth. That's saddening I don't know much about the curve, I'm hoping the endgame of the fork will be better than all these difficulties, meanwhile I'm looking to see how it'll be advantageous

I think it is still early but have not seen the engagement others have expected and am concerned it is due to the seemingly less incentive to engage or even reward those who do so.

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What do you like, what do you dislike.
I like to receive greater rewards for curations and to give more value to steem.
What is steem doing well and what is missing.
Something that steem needs is a channel of communication, I've always seen that steem depends a lot on discord, I think this is not right.
How do you want steem to change in the future to be engaged
I think content creators should be given more support.
What will make you leave
The most likely time to leave is when definitely block the Internet in my country, or we run out of electricity.

As with the riches of the planet, that 10% of the population has 90% of the riches of the planet, the cryptocurrencies took the same fate.

And this change is not that it favors large accounts, everything is proportional, but small accounts do not have enough incentive to publish. It's that simple.

I dont know if it helped the community but i can see that the Value of Steem and SBD are both drecreasing

Really need to read what HF21 is all about! Just took a longer break and came back just in the middle of HF21.

The HF-21 should have a positive effect. If steem price increases, people's interest shifts in this direction. I think it deserves less than $ 5.

Free downvotes? I do not get it.
Resteemed :-)

in my opinion, the most striking thing is curation reward. i love this and i think this something great about hf21

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Post rewards have gone down but already see an improvement in curation rewards which is great. I think it will encourage the community to go out and interact with other peeps and not hold onto their vote as much. Just a little change to once again bring the community together, which is what the chain is essentially about right?

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What I don't like is the reduction in the authors' reward. Even the actual reward in the curation and author are not always the actual amount.
What I like is that too much and unnecessary post have been reduced and more focud is now on engagement.

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@knircky, In my opinion after Hardfork Curation became the healthy stuff. And new change arrived with some issues that what annoyed me. But without obstacles nothing is a process. Stay blessed.

I am not happy about this whole HF 21, I believe it's a witch hunt against people who are new to steem or people who have no much fund to invest in the steem blockchain. I totally believe its all about favouring the big guys with big funds in steemit and frustrating the ones with a little fund.

I also don't understand the sense behind voting in 5mins of a post and receiving 100% of the curation or reward, it doesn't make sense to me and it's so annoying.
Also, the idea of your post does not worth up to 5 steem or so, you won't be receiving full payment of it and the rest of the reward will be returned to the reward pool so people who meet up to that condition will earn more. It doesn't make sense to me and it's so unfair to me.

These are the things i so much hate about this so-called HF 21

These changes are intended to increase the mentality of network users so that quality content is rewarded, the purchase of votes (bidbots) and mass spam with autovotes are over.

I hope that all change leads to better things, for everyone

The changes seem good to me, since these are going to favor the quakers, and that is that we are all curators, but the most important change that I have heard there is the SPS and that 10% of the steems generated daily will be added to a "pool" of projects. The most voted projects will take these rewards. Anyone can apply for their project (it costs only 10 SBD).

We had HF21 for 2 days, next we had HF22 for 2 days after that bugs fixing and no way to post or try out much.
I think it is too early to tell yet and we need at least 3 months to come with results.

So gar I miss many Steemians. I assume they not know yet it operates again and not all ran out.