Luck ....

But in all seriousness, I think its likely a series of things. From Steem-Engine implementing NFT's to all the ongoing Splinterlands partnerships there's lots going on within the Steem blockchain that just might conjure up a STEEM storm.

Yea I agree, it's likely the NFT Support announcement.

These are probably short term game changers for the price of Steem.

I wonder what will happen, if the majority of the users would slow down a bit with their posting, and speed up their reading other people's posts, as well as commenting under other people's posts, so there would be proper interaction. People do not had to fight for interaction. There will be real readers, not almost only content creators. And not only for a few days, but that should be the normal order of things on the Steem blockchain. So, in short, the users would start using the Steem blockchain in the natural way. Like they use any other social media.

What do you think? Would that increase the price of Steem in the long term?

The order book on binance for steem was so low. A person can pump it hard with 10 bitcoins lol

Some people say that the Voice not being run on the EOS mainnet may have something to do with it.

I think that Steem-Engine announcing NFT's is the biggest price manipulator atm

Dear @knircky, i saw it and Steem rised over 10 positions in Coinmarketcap, but now is already loosing value, i think is a speculation but i hope it will not go again as before...:((

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well not any big updates but adding of NFT seems like bringing some steam to steem haha :)

Hi @knircky

When I think about latest steem price growth - I don't see it to be sustainable process. Lack of trust and lack of regulations are still a problem. So hopefully price will tank again soon

I also think we need SMTs and HIVE to be delivered and hopefully it won't be huge dissapointment. Currently steem has nothing more to offer than it had half year ago, or even year ago - so it's hard for me to expect stable growing demand


I thinks it's still because of rumors this Tron guy Justin Sun taking over steemit.
But as long as it's based on rumors it will not be sustainable, will it?

Well, we will see where we will end up. At least the volume went up from 300k/400k to 16.6 million at a peak.
As long as we have more volume (=in steem interested people), we should see some upwards trends too I think.