Just Powered Up 2800 STEEM.. Feels Good! Back to +5000 Steem Power!

in #steem7 months ago (edited)

Had some spare STEEM kicking around (invested in SR actually) and decided it would be proper fashion to power up some STEEM, in order to get an upvote amount greater than the $0.02 that I was previously able to throw at folks with upvotes. As it sits over the past week or so I've more than doubled my available SP.


Before powering up the 2800 I just locked in my SP was sitting around 2200 STEEM. Currently at witness rank #79 I am paid roughly 9.608 STEEM a day to run my witness server. This works out to 288.24 STEEM monthly that I am currently paid to run my witness. This is basically $50 USD a month which is JUST break even for running the hardware required in order to run a proper witness, but does not afford a seed node.

( a screencap from https://steemdb.com/@klye/blocks showing daily block creation )

The good news about powering up all this STEEM is that now my upvote is worth a total of around $0.067 in value. This is a hell of an upgrade from the previous $0.025 100% upvote valuation. Good for folks receiving my upvote!

( screencap from https://steempeak.com/@klye showing maximum vote value )

While I could have used this STEEM in the SR bankroll it feels better to me to power up STEEM into my preferred blockchain. Over years prior I'd made a decent amount of STEEM doing posts and having a higher witness rank and by powering up this STEEM I hope that I can once again build up an account with decent upvote value, and also start recovering my witness rank. As a STEEM developer it certainly helps to offset development costs with having a higher amount of SP and witness rank.

Lots of development and whatnot planned for our STEEM blockchain in the upcoming future, thanks for upvoting, supporting and tossing me witness votes folks! Shall talk to you soon..!

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Does it make sense to have a lot of steem power? It seems impossible to make more than a few pennies through curation.

It makes sense if you like rewarding people for posts, comments and whatnot.

With the 50/50 author/curator changes coming on HF21.. It will be more lucrative curation wise.

  1. Pennies add up to dollars.
  2. See number 1

Soon you will be a Prince of Canada @klye ;P

We shall see captain!

So, I literally powered up exactly 2,800 STEEM two days ago so it's exciting to see someone else making the exact same move. Clearly, it's a buy opportunity right now!

100% agree with you. STEEM is cheap / at bottom and should be bought up now and powered up..

(I may be wrong, this isn't financial advice)

We're on the same page, I can't see it going much lower at this point. This is definitely just round 1 for me, I hope to push a little more USD to STEEM before the price climbs back up.

Right on. Hopefully we see a shot for the moon in the upcoming months.

BRAVO !!! nice you got back a descent upvote value as you’re saying ! Those prices are great for investors.. like us :))

Goal is to get back up to +50,000 STEEM Power or more so when the time comes that the prices bounce back up I can vote dollars at a time.

ooooh.. ! wait, my plan looks exactly the same !! :)
Let’s work on it, I wish you all the best dear !
(just followed you to see that expected progress !!)

Congrats. You deserve it. =)

No, you doooo! :D

BAM dat a BOOOOIII!!!!!

Now I can throw over nickels at you degenerate fucks.. Very nice!

thanks man!

Congratulations on powering up some Steem. I wish I could buy like $1000 worth of Steem right now.


yeah, STEEM prices seem to have found bottom. Should go up eventually here.

Great to have another dolphin in the 'pod'. With the low Steem price I'd hope more people would take the opportunity to power up. If more do this and use their votes then we get better reward distribution. After hf21 you could go better from curation.

Feels good to be able to vote over a nickel worth of payout now at 100%

Hopefully folks do take the oppurtunity to power up with this bottomed out STEEM price.

HF21 curation boost should be interesting. Was certainly a bit of a reasoning behind boosting the SP.

I think J just recieved one of those legendary .06 upvotes lol

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Glad to see you making a comeback.
Was worried about you for a bit.