Win share of 3000 EXCL // Contest no 9

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Every year for last days between Xmas-New Year i try to help people fill their pockets in a fun way. Today is the 9th day where i give you a chance to win some money.

Damn doing this daily contests is a lot of work to think of ideas on what should be done to enter. This time i went for some different route, lets see how it plays.

Previous contests you can still enter that are open:

3000 EXCL to Giveaway


EXCL is 2014 created masternode coin using Proof of Stake. It also has the cheapest masternode on the market as only 5000 coins. Old and trading on many exchanges with Bittrex since the very beggining. I think even Poloniex had it at some point in 2015.

At all time high in 2017 was worth almost 4 USD for a coin.

Despite CMC showing only 3 exchanges it actually has more, see on website (its important for the tasks below) -

While Bittrex and UpBit need to verify documents (which can take days if you dont have account) VCC is a partner exchange, that has STEEM and shares same books yet.. Needs no documents. So if you dont have any of those 2 and want to trade register to VCC + check others on site as theres plenty just with smaller volumes.

Contest to win share of 3000 EXCL

I had few ideas on how to share this pool, one person can enter all of the contests just cannot enter same contest 2 times.

10 prizes of 120 EXCL - 1200 EXCL total


EXCL minimal trade aka buy/sell on Bittrex is today 100 EXCL.

  1. Make screens or videos of how you buy/sell any amount of EXCL on any exchange and make a post with it here.
  2. If you will use VCC exchange, register with this link
  3. As main tag of post use kings2019
  4. Leave the link to post here.

Keep in mind that there may be more than 10 people who enter - so maybe good to write something more than just posting pictures or videos ;)

1800 Prize to share


1st place 800 EXCL
2nd place 650 EXCL
3rd place 350 EXCL

  1. Write article saying "where you can trade EXCL" "showing EXCL charts or predictions of price" or "guide how to trade EXCL of exchange of your choice"
  2. Use kings2019 as main tag
  3. Reply to this post with link

When pasting link here write if its for 1200 or 1800 contest so if you enter both i know which one you did.

You have 7 days to enter the contest i will choose users based on the quality of their posts and my taste.


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Hehe damn dude.. I won't have funds available in time to buy some EXCL... But none the less I'll try to get it in time.

Hey Kingscrown.

This is my Exclusive Coin post for the 1800 EXCL contest.