Contest no4, win STEEM for simple post!

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Every year for last days between Xmas-New Year i try to help people fill their pockets in a fun way. Today is the 4th day where i share a way to make some coins on an easy competition on Steemit.

Every day i share different ways to win some money and guys, its not easy to be creative!

This time you can win 50% of liquid STEEM that i get out of this post after its time expires. Which means - the more votes on the post the more people win.

I want to share between people at least 10 STEEM each so depending on rewards here, there can be 1 winner, 2 winners, 3 winners.. zillion winners.


How to join todays contest?

  • Make a post showing trades you did on any cryptocurrency above 24.12.2019

  • you can cover amounts, just leave the coin

  • use kings2019 as main tag

  • reply here with link to the post

Yes you can do right now 1 USD trade anywhere, screenshot doing it, and you are good.

Just since there can be 5-10-100 people who enter.. Maybe add few words to the post as i will need to be able to chose which posts win.

Of course there also can be 1 entrance and you get the whole award.

Time? 3 days around so people have time to enter but the sooner, then better.


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Please noticethat @trafalgar @traf took over 5 USD out of rewards pool of this post for no reason.

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..hey kingscrown, thx for the contest, here’s my entry post:

..let’s see what happens..thank you..up.. resteemed..steem on..

surely will read it

@tipu curate

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I would join the contest - however my only trades these days are pumping fiat into Splinterlands to buy Steemmonsters Cards - does that count?

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