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I know the whole STEEM about STEEM is boring but we are in a crucial phase hence everyone tries to do their best and so far stuff looks good. We have top8 out of top20. That is enough to block any hardforks and softworks but the more then better.

Let Others do Your Proxy Vote - 1st Part of Auto Method

Of course it needs a lot of clicking, checking up stuff etc. Hence why it is best to proxy witness vote to someone ie myself and then it goes auto. I remind - this has nothing to do with your money or what you earn. This is different type of voting.

Since it needs constant verification and some skill to read up what's going on there is a proxy option. If you want me to be your witness proxy click this link -

Or you can go to this page, browse to very bottom and put me there (remember as proxy not as witness vote):

Set posts to 100% SP

Even if you cannot or don't want to buy STEEM to help the cause, you can still rise your voting power by setting posts to 100% SP. This way every time your post gets the payout your SP auto rises yet since you proxied votes the votes rise too. This way with all people proxying to me if daily few people get 100% SP payouts soon the witness votes will gain in power easily.

To do so below post, click Reward or advanced reward (depends on what you use) and switch to 100%.


Of course this is just an option dont feel obligated with anything. You can ie just set 1-2 posts a week into 100% SP or set none. This is your account and your stash I'm just speaking how with one-time proxy setup and changing reward to 100% SP you will support the network during the current battle without clicking or doing anything else you do daily on Steem blockchain.

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And if you buy Steem, don't buy on Binance or Huobi, you wont be able to withdraw. You will buy powered-up Steem, which will remain in your Exchange Wallet for several time i guess. Keep this in mind.

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