Make kingscrown Your Witness Proxy Voter

in steem •  9 months ago

This has nothing to do with your money or voting on posts or curation. You lose nothing adding me here nor really give me anything. Its just about security and fairness on Steem network.

Witness Voting

So let me remind You guys of how STEEM works since many can be new here from this glorious number.

There are two types of votes - for posts/content and for witnesses.

Witnesses are the guys who make STEEM going. The host nodes, move transactions and secure the network.

While each person chooses what posts to vote on, there is a built in option to let someone else (ie more experienced) to vote for witnesses for you - called a proxy.

If you trust i know what I'm doing let me be your proxy for witness voting. It costs you nothing, it has nothing to do with using your SteemPower or posts. Its other type of vote.

Im already a proxy for a few people - if you follow me, consider to add me as proxy - its very simple.

Add kingscrown as a proxy in few easy steps:

Remember use PROXY not direct witness voting

If you use steemconnect by team then you can just click here -

Passing me the proxy vote will not change your money or vote power in any way.

Follow, Resteem and VOTE UP @kingscrown creator of blog for 0day cryptocurrency news and tips!

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Hi dear sir the Crypto king @kingscrown a little gift from a little minnow.

community is a great team my success is your success and your success is mu success what you think sir?

Success to witness me😍

Fairness, yes I will vote for it!!

Enough with this abuse in the Steemit community from people that just have high steem power and think they can control or own others!!

Are you willing to make this change? I am voting for you!

@kingscrown sir upvote me and resteem my any single post...

ok te dejare mi voto corazon te sigo