BTCC poll is lost, but... we can get STEEM on Huobi!

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So i found for us BTCC pool which made a great community action, loads of people worked together on posts and promotion.

Sadly we have lost with ETC in finals. @transisto who been on their slack noticed they wanted to buy votes for the pool when we were winning. No proof that they did that, lets just take this as a lesson for future voting. Numbers win.

Im sure after ETC gets added, there will be new voting so lets try again.

Current BTCC Volumes

But now i found something else... And we are above ETC currently there.

Huobi Volumes

Before China got problems with PBoC (just read previous posts) this exchange was main price driver of BTC.
Now they decided they will be adding new coins and STEEM is there.

They decided to start rating coins and based on that to add them.

So while this is not a pool, we can see what they look at and we can raise the points.

This is how I read this points:

  • Technology - 1 year old coin forked 18 times doesnt look like good technology at all
  • Marketing - obviously we need more (any?) outside of Steemit
  • Risk - too big amounts in hands of INC accounts, maybe should be freezed somehow to make investors more relaxed?

What do you think we can do to get this game changer? Comment.

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Patience, it will spread on its own merits.

Just coming into the steem community, this is all kind of surreal. On the one hand, I'm totally skeptical... But on the other hand, I see all you awesome folks with your awesome testimonial and I have to believe... Either way, looks like I chose a great time to get involved!

Time to buy some steem.

Crazyness, good crazyness!!! :)

Are there any Korean exchanges trade in Steem. I would suggest to try and get a foot hold in Korean first then more to China. China would be a tough nut to crack. Until Steemit is big in China getting Steem on the exchanges maybe a long hard road.

I agree with you.
Steemit is spreaded very widly.
So we need to take a hold in korea first.

Thanks for your comment @slowwalker, I wrote a post that explains my view why China will be tough to crack. Not looking for votes but you can read it here.

oh that just cracks me up so much i love it... cant stop watching

Let this be your lesson folks - never celebrate before reaching the finish line!

I frickin love this. Ha ha.

Wait for China and Japan to make more moves, then act accordingly.

Act now! When China and Japan start trading steem, we'll be too late, my friend.

China would be a tough one to crack so I would not even think about China for the time being. Read my post here to find out why.

Thanks. Interesting stuff, but I'm still don't understand where is the problem.

I think that the value of steem is derived from its many content creators. They can generate steem (money) by posting and commenting. You can say that steem will go up in price if more people trade in it on exchanges. But the intrinsic value of Steem is though its user.. I hope I am expressing my view correctly.

Excelent. Thank you!

That Zappl ad/promoted zaps feature suggestion was interesting... perhaps we can do advertising swaps with other communities and sites. On board victims of the YouTube ad-apocalypse. On board victims of shadow banning on social media. Continue to innovate the platform. Make forks in Steem less threatening to the exchanges. Push for Steem features being used from Twitch to bring people here. Monetize some of the platforms by paying with Steem. Lots of Steem video games.

BTCC was just a start to make it to final 4 means steem is being noticed and is not to take lightly. One that few tokens that has real use behind it.

i think that we as a community could try to work on the marketing and the activity part. Posting on facebook, twitter, linkedin etc etc. maybe we could all put in some money to start a sponsorhip of a soccerteam or something like that? In the end, we are all trying to put Steem in the picture..

@xiobus has some great ideas as do every else below. Steem video games and extending it to other platforms like twitch is a great idea!

yup I have to check him out then, I was thinking on the same lines and there are some gamers already here

BTCC will regret putting ETC up. I can't imagine how they got that many real, organic votes for ETC, aside from PnD teams making sock puppets.

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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great...resteem and upvote for you

Excelent, i not standing of the game......

Heard Japan has, or is about to have 400.000.00 places to spend bitcoin!! Wow I would say its taking off!!

Wait. They rate Dogecoin tech above Steem's? ...hahahahahahaha...ah, that was a good laugh...whew...

Good to hear. Keep on the good work :-)

At least we got some good attention out of it. In the long run it will help us a lot.

Oh! yes, we can do this !!
resteemed !

This is great info. I am brand new to this.

You've done well keeping an eye on international exchanges, and using the community to add new potential for steem. I think that even if this doesn't go the way you expect, keep looking for ways to use our greatest strength - a lot of us which have similar goals willing to work together to achieve them.

Yes! One by one they start noticing steem... in no time steem will be a household name.

Hopefully we get Steem on BTCChina in the future

Steem will get there, just takes more time.

Hmm, we do lack marketing a lot.....

pool vs. poll ;)

Good job for you @Kingscrown
I like it

Yes we can!!
Give it some time and we will rocket up

Also posted about this

Essentially I believe the community is doing great when it comes to Steem's technology and marketing so making Huobi aware of the apps and reach we have moght be a way to go. Bottom line, Huoi wants to see large trading volume, which will come with an increaeed value

your drive to promoting the steemit platform and steem is so damn awesome!! do not stop, keep pumping this stuff and ways we can get more people to sign up and join this revolution I do agree with @lumlum85 and think time will get us there, and steem will start to take off and shine eventually with a boom on its own merits, but its people like you pumping the team work that help that happen. You are Steem! I am Steem! We are all Steem .. you wear the badge with honor my friend

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Steem Exchanges. Thanks and good luck again!

risk, technology, marketing, strategy:

we are still developing, although everything you've listed is true, I do think the technology should be valued higher, since forks were for the social aspect and of course the liquidity.

I can see why the risk is high, but it seems like a random number, apart from the early mining, I don't see much of an issue, which is a big one in it's own right, still with most steem being powered and not liquid the risk shouldn't be that much.

I would like to see more from INC tho, ore updates, more news, more stories, with all that Festing and going around there sure isn't much coverage.

The best one being Heidi and she's not even on the .inc :D

So yeah, steem is mostly frozen I doubt nobody will react if val, michael, ned and dan start powering down :D

Patience is the best strategy.
We need to wait for a while

Interesting breakdown.. I see lots of stats but this is very unique. The coin rating looks very accurate to me. I would probably buy in that order except switch ripple for steem!

lots of hard work and extra mile digging to do but yes it's a positive one. Thanks for this!

It will happen!

It's just a matter of time but it's guaranteed that China WILL WANT IN ON STEEM SOON. IMHO it's smarter to plan ahead on how to handle the influx with the "opened floodgates" as a community because it's inevitable.

Exchanges are in it for the money. They will soon see the potential profit of including Steem on their exchanges sooner or later. Twitter polls dont mean heck when the floodgate is opened and people rush to buy Steem to power themselves up. Steem will be listed on all exchanges..

For now, developers and communities will have to work hand in hand for the betterment of Steem. Both are equally important for a robust and viable blockchain.

I may not know much of codes and programming but i did witness myself firsthand on how an altcoin can survive against all odds due to its sheer community strength alone. even though on hindsight i realize it's basically a pump-and-dump shitcoin.

If Bobby Lee holds even the slightest amount of business accumen, after seeing the near tie between ETC and STEEM, STEEM should be the next currency he'll add to BTCC.

Thats great news, but I would expect longevity of the altcoin should be more important. I mean how many of these coins that 'pass' steem, have actual survivability? Thats what im interested to see.

I think steem is getting much more awareness than it ever has, with more people trooping in i think marketing will be taken care of. Now steemit is all about originality and quality, to stay afloat, stemians have to stay creative, i think the community will develop the technologies required as well as most other things listed there. Just a little time will fix it

Gran post

Good post @kingscrown. I find it strange that Steem's marketing and activity scores are so low.

Edit: Surely we must be higher than Doge at least? ;)