SBD seems to me to be responsible for the quick increase of STEEM price. I am really hoping to see some relief in both's recent growth. I think SBD should normally be a long term hold, the 1$ USD peg is unsustainable. Personally I feel STEEM should be sitting at $2-2.5 and SBD at 5$.

I suggest changing the SBD peg to 2 or 3 to 1 STEEM instead of 1 SBD = 1 USD. This value should be more dynamic and should offer incentive to SBD holders, on occasion, to convert to STEEM when SDB value > PEG value.

Every one who believes in Steem is selling their SBD to buy more Steem. So we ourselves might be causing the increasing price of Steem.

i totally agree with you @mulletwang

what is the all-time Top?

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