STEEM - Testing the long term previous TOP

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Hello all,

The STEEM is currently testing the long term previous TOP :


Till now, we haven't be able to stay upper than this previous TOP.

It can be normal to fail several time on this kind of TOP.
If we are not able to break it soon, we should see a correction happening. This correction should allow us to make a little pause and to attack again this previous TOP to try to break it.

If we are able to break it correctly, we should see the UP trending continuing and make a very nice new TOP before consolidating a little bit. I really hope for the all the STEEM user that this TOP will be broken soon but only the market will decide it...

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.

Version française ici : [FR] STEEM - Nous sommes en train de tester le précédent sommet long terme



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Thank you @cryptopassion for your analysis. It always helped me to predict.

Great analysis of Steem, I hope we see the continuing uptrend, what's your opinion on SBD?

SBD seems to me to be responsible for the quick increase of STEEM price. I am really hoping to see some relief in both's recent growth. I think SBD should normally be a long term hold, the 1$ USD peg is unsustainable. Personally I feel STEEM should be sitting at $2-2.5 and SBD at 5$.

I suggest changing the SBD peg to 2 or 3 to 1 STEEM instead of 1 SBD = 1 USD. This value should be more dynamic and should offer incentive to SBD holders, on occasion, to convert to STEEM when SDB value > PEG value.

Every one who believes in Steem is selling their SBD to buy more Steem. So we ourselves might be causing the increasing price of Steem.

i totally agree with you @mulletwang

what is the all-time Top?

The previois high was when bitcoin was hanging about 500$ but now it jas soared to 15000 and steem is still at the bottom in terms of btc value. So I think this usd level resistance will be broken easily.

Really nice break! Do you see any correlations in price swings with the price of Bitcoin?

Seems like it to me at least.


You need to check out the other blogs of @cryptopassion. He does seperate articles about Bitcoin and BCH

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Great post

thanks very good advice "do not invest more than you allow"

wow...its a great post..

keep it up

thank you @cryptopassion

What im seeing and is an opportunity. we have just started a new market cycle. If you use chartology methods you will see this happening across the board. Watch carefully for volume at the bottoms of previous cycles. GLTU

Yes bro we will break it that will happen☝☝☝

Thanks for the analysis, i am also betting on steem due to its real core values & good for community business

lot of good analysis!! go to the moon with you!!

@cryptopassion You have helped me a lot the past month. Wish you massive profits as well for all you've been doing for your followers!

Highest Regards

It's good that it is resisting previous top. But I think it will break and move towards $12.7. Let's hope for the best.

Good analytic post.It is very useful to us.I am your follower and new here everyday I will try increase my knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Yep, commenting really is powerful. It even earns more than what my post earns. I'll try to comment 10 meaningful comments a day for a week and I'll publish the results. :)

very interesting analysis. Will the same massive drop happen again would be my question.

I can't help but to amaze with the curves of this cryptocurrency world. Long live steem and steemit!! :D

thanks for your informative post @cryptopassion

STEEM price will probably reach SBD levels soon. at least I wish that lol

interesting post , thanks

Thank you very much for the information. Financing is something, everything is happening. Investment is an activity that requires a lot of strategy. I hope everyone will succeed
@ cryptopassion

Great analysis of Steem

go! go! go!... )))

Never invest more than you can afford to loose. This one hit me hard! Nice

That was a swift draw down about a couple of hours ago. Now it is stabilizing. Hope to see get enough support and then go up.

very good your post.thanks for sharing

So happy to finally see Steem getting some action.. hopefully the sbd that drives the price at the moment doesn't suddenly crash both after a big correction! (fingers crossed!)

U are a big time great analyst . Keep it up.

I will still appreciate ur effort if you do same on SBD.

Thanks for the analysis

interested post :)

I am waiting for the wonderful continuation...

Welcome back, my friend :-)

Let’s go steem!!!

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