Steem Torch Experiment: Passing It On!

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This week has been pretty exciting so far, one reason is because I just heard about the Steem Torch experiment put on by @geekgirl. I first saw it in an article put created by my bud Charles @stackin where he then passed it on to my good friend @jongolson.

I was the first person to comment on the post because I wanted to congratulate Jon on the well-deserved torch pass. To my surprise, Jon then turns right around and passes the torch onto me! Thank you sir for putting your trust and faith in me to pass the torch on to another Steemian in the community.

The Steem Torch social experiment was created to test the speed and trust of transactions on Steem. Steem offers free and fast transactions for transfer of value. It also has a vibrant community and sub-communities full of trustworthy users. Please read more about it in the original article by @geekgirl.

Who am I passing the torch to?

I would like to pass the torch to someone who I consider my brother here in the community. If it were not for this person, I very well may not still be involved with Steem or even blockchain entirely. We go way back to the beginning of 2018 where we started communicating on a post he put up, then met each other in person at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas.

I consider him my mentor and someone whom I look up to for wisdom and guidance. His name is IJ Maha @steemcafe. He was the very first person I thought of passing the torch on to because of who he is and what his character is made of. IJ has a true heart for serving others and for making the world a better place to live in.

We will be meeting up again in person at the Global Block Builders blockchain conference next month in Austin. We invite each and every one of you from the community to come join us as well. But yes, IJ is the next torch holder and I entrust him to pass it on to another Steemian in the community.

This experiment is one of my favorites that I have seen on Steem thus far. Excellent idea @geekgirl! Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and I will catch you in the next one. Cheers. -Ken


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Boom!! Mannnn, one of these days @steemcafe needs to take me out to the Vegas Strip and buy me some drinks! 😂😂😂

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Haha I’m sure he’s game!

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And I’m glad to witness the transition!

I’m having fun and this is how; any Steem family member that the torch is past to will automatically become the next person that I’ll follow, this will help me track the transition, and eventually create new friends for me.

Thanks @kenmelendez and congratulations to J Maha @steemcafe for becoming my next VIP!

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Glad you’re enjoying this, @maxdevalue 😊 Appreciate your positive attitude

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awesome sauce man. glad i could pass the torch to ya ;)

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The next thing I hope we share is some good ol’ fashioned buttered chicken 😉

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The community continues to demonstrate its strength and commitment to providing value! This is certainly inspiring indeed! Great participation!

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Absolutely @newageinv 💯

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Kenz,, I promote steam by helping the poor, I have called you in my posts,

Steem torch, the carrier of steem value. It's is a matter of trust.

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