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RE: Let's Hasten The Development Of!!! Help Us Tend To Micro-Tasks (Issues On Github) For Steem Or SBD. Open To All Programmers.

in #steem5 years ago

let's hope you will be popped up on 24th. It's so nice of you that even you don't forget about your project and followers from the hospital. It reveals your passion, dedication and devotion toward this amazing community. This community is amazing due to hard efforts of people like you. I pray for your dad speedy recovery. God bless you @surpassinggoogle


It can only be passion, loyalty to good cause and true love for the community.

True words @autofreak
All the best to @surpassinggoogle projects
Let's all the projects shine and bring this commuity to no 1 position


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Absolutely, @autofreak!

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So true, @kamchore. True passion, dedication and love. Blessings to both @surpassinggoogle and his father.

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