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RE: Steem And The Crypto Winter - I Am Not Going Anywhere

in #steem2 years ago (edited)

Great post @flauwy, I am one of those new steemians that joined in 2018. I remember all the euphoria in the posts when I first joined.

I never got to experience a crypto bull market here on steem. Whenever it does happen, I am going to make sure I stick around long enough to see it.

If it all goes to zero, I will buy 21 witness nodes and run the blockchain myself if I need to ;)

All the best for 2019 and make sure you keep posting. It's always nice to hear from the more seasoned steemians.



Stick with Steem and you WILL see the next bull run in your favor. I remember that I used to think how great it would have been to be on Steem before the price went to one/two Dollars. Well here we are. ;)

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