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RE: "Decentralized" YouTube Alternatives on Steem? Nope, Not Yet | A Detailed Look at 3Speak and Dtube

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@starkerz there are a 145 comments here discussing ideas.. instead of just upvoting the two that acuse me of trolling or to “not question a start up” essentially using your stake to twist the narrative in comments .. perhaps you could address the actual issue at hand, or maybe just change the damn faq already


Show me where anything I’ve said is false. It’s simple - improve the communication coming from your project so it’s not misrepresenting what it actually does.

As I’ve said repeatedly in comments below, I’m a fan of the project and what it’s doing and also don’t think that it has to be decentralized or stored on chain.. but it sure as heck shouldn’t be represented as such, when it’s not.


We ill be issuing a statement. I’m sad to see that you did it this way and did not send us an email to pre warn us about the article. We are running fast and building on the fly in order to try to cater For the new market of disenfranchised creators who are struggling on traditional platforms like YouTube. We cannot do tos updates regularly. You have made a good point and we will be rectifying this issue with a statement and tos adjustment soon. But I think that it is clear that this article generates some negative attention where I think is not due and in order to maintain journalistic integrity, such blogs should be released with ‘we have contacted the threespeak team for official reply via email’ but no such opportunity was given. Alternatively, this issue could have been easily resolved by simply pointing out the issue in our discord or telegram group. I hope that once we release our statement, you will be updating thre content of this blog to reflect the update do situation, or at least referring future readers of this blog (at the top of this blog) with a link to our blog which corrects the issues raised here. It will be positive for all on the chain. Thanks

I’m not a journalist, I’m a Steem user who saw misrepresentation being done by not only the site, but your team members.

I tried to reach out, as I’ve done many times before, and was blocked.

Nothing in this post is negative, it’s literally just explaining what is happening. In the post, as well as many comments, I state that I think the core vision and goals are great and something I support.

On the opposite side stating I am trolling is quite negative, and an attempt to negate the things I’ve brought up. Not to mention what is being done behind the scenes, but I expected that much.

Improve the communication, stop using false claims to create a buzz and of course I will update this post with whatever is needed, including linking to new (improved) information provided by your team.

Very good. We will also be releasing already available video presentations done weeks prior to your claim that we are purposefully doing false advertising / purposefully misrepresenting (which is not a fair summation here at all) in which both dan and I present threespeak to large crowds and clearly state that decentralised storage in in our future roadmap. I refute the claim by you that we were doing false advertising. Ok tos needed updating, fair enough, and we will be rectifying shortly. If you had done your research you might well have seen these videos and your content might have given us the benefit of the doubt while asking for clarification instead of accusing us of misrepresentation. But please just drop a question in our discord group in future (it’s available to all). This issue would have been resolved immediately, without any potential For hard feelings or animosity between us, our stake holders, or members of the community.

That’s great Matt, but one video “done weeks before your claim” doesn’t really change what has been actively been being said.

It’s easy to solve - but seriously maybe you and your team need to get on the same page... as saying “we are working on a future decentralized storage option” is much different than what has been being said. If you can’t see that, I’m not sure what to say.

As far as your stake holders, or community members .. don’t worry, this place is still scared to stand up to anyone who has stake and uses it to get what they want.. so your project will be just fine, as you know.

3speak is a great project with a great mission, don’t ruin its potential for a short term win made possible by fake empty hype shills. It doesn’t need that to succeed, your original idea was brilliant enough.

Can you show me examples of the threespeak team purposefully mis representing that we are a currently a decentralised storage system for video. No such technology even exists. No such instruction ever came from threespeak management. And as far as I am now aware, none of our team have been Mis representing threespeak as a decentralised storage system for video content


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