The Huobi Steem Pump is Back: $4.45 and right back where we left off!

in steem •  8 months ago

After getting some great news for steem the other day, we got some not so great news shortly after.

After seeing this on the website of Huobi:

We all celebrated and watched the price of steem go up 30% in a matter of a couple hours.

Then shortly after, we were gifted with this little update:

Ugh. Talk about a kick in the shorts!

The price of steem followed suit as it retraced about 80% of those initial gains we saw on the steem listing announcement.

Just in the nick of time!

Then, just when things looked like they might be getting a bit bearish for the price of steem we got another update from Huobi, and this time in the form of this:


Turns out the postponement was not for very long at all.

Best of all, the price of steem has responded favorably as well.

Check out the chart:

We are almost right back to where we were yesterday on the initial listing announcement.

Steem will officially begin trading over there tomorrow at 4 pm EST.

Will we some some follow through of the recent bullish price action or some profit taking?

We will know for sure in about 24 hours.

Stay informed my friends.

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Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad the postponement wasn't long and it's great to see Steem rising again. I hope we see this bull run follow through. There will be great times ahead.

I am hodler of Steem and believe it will the true value of it will reflect of its price very soon. As we enter the bull market again. Many have joined Steemit eversince from beginning and continue it will. Great post @jrcornel


I've been converting all my SBD into steem, and will continue to do so.
Now that Huobi is listing steem on it's exchange things should be looking up for steem.
So I got my fingers crossed.

I want to sell my sbd's for steem but damn the prices is not good for selling it right now so I guess I'll hold and wait to sell low. Hopefully SBD will go high for a minute and then I can sell it and get steem.
Oh well, I'm good either way, things are good. as long as steem and sbd's are higher than $3. Since I started building at $1.50

I believe that as more and more youtubers get frustrated with YouTubes BS and random de-monetizing flags for no reason, that more and more content providers will jump ship and bring their audiences to steemit and DTube. As a very new youtuber that just started making videos, I can tell you I have had a heck of a lot more success here on steemit in less than 5 days than I have had on YouTube in 2 months. And that's why I will be investing heavily in Steem and my Steemit account. As more and more new players come over to Steem from other platforms the price of Steem will continue to skyrocket. A lot of people I know (myself included) thought Steemit was some crazy scam program that would not last, but after less than a week on the platform I am now kicking myself for not coming on board a hell of a lot sooner. I have no doubt steem will be in the top ten very soon.


Great comment and great points. Welcome to Steemit and Steem btw! Bring your friends! :)


Thanks, and will do :-)

It’s nice to finally see some gains from all those months of losses! Thanks for the share!


I agree. It will be interesting to see what happens when the trading goes live on Huobi tomorrow. My guess is not much happens, but you never know.


Why loss? Are selling your steem in cheap price?

Steemit is growing rapidly as a social media. It was a matter of time to rise the Steem price. Good to see. Thanks for the news.

I'm happy Steem's price is finally catching up with its intrinsic value. We are just in the infancy stage of Steem (price wise). It's awesome we got listed on Huobi. I think we need to still get listed on Bitstamp?? What other big exchanges does their need to be a listing on? Steem is one of my largest holdings!! If Bitcoin goes to $40k I honestly believe Steem will be greater than $50, and that could be by year end. If we see a great influx in users from YouTube, we could see a serious increase. Also, if many minnows decide they need some Steem and Steem power to get ahead, there'll be a major demand and surge in price. Let's see how this all plays out! Thanks for the updates @jcornel!

great last few days

Great news. Steem to $100 here we come!

What is everyone doing with their SBD? When it was 1 to 1 I was converting to Steem via the marketplace. Is it better to try and sell it on the exchanges?

Thanks for keeping us posted on Steem's progress with Huobi!

Its amazing what a new exchange listing can do for the price. Even if the market is trading sideways at $400 bill, at least my Steem is pumping. :)


Yes it is, though this exchange is one of the top 5 in the world. :)

steems on huobi>??>?? howd i miss this


It's a good thing you follow my blog :)

They made buyers even more hooked like then you take away a kids candy :D

now...steem dollers price growth


It sure would be nice if they added SBDs at some point, wouldn't it?!


Oh!! So thats what happened. Nice thanks for the news.

Safe road to top10!!

I’m excited to see the bullish momentum. My buy below $2 seems like such a good deal now. After being part of the community I truly see the value. I only expected us to keep graowing and gain more value.


Congrats on the great purchase! Most people tend to not want to buy as prices are dropping, few actually venture out there and do it.


It was not enough to care about loosing so it was worth the gamble. If you have faith in the platform I don’t see why you would not get in now.

Thanks for the post...I'll be following you for future information!

I'm new to this Steem/Cryptocurrency, but I'm excited to learn as much as I can from those who seem to have an anyone who might have a comment or suggestion with this question would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking to up my SP by making an investment in Steem. However, as I understand it, you cannot buy Steem directly, but must first purchase another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and then trade that for Steem.

When I click on "Buy Steem" on my Wallet page, it loads a site called BlockTrades, which defaults on Ether (the coin name for Ethereum, I'm supposing) being traded for Steem. As I understand it, most people buy their crypto coin through Coinbase, and then make the trade for Steem through BlockTrade.

So, here is my question: is there a better cryptocurrency to buy to trade for Steem (Ether vs Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cast, etc), or should I just stick with the default Ether?

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions!


Ether has slightly cheaper fees, so that is probably your best bet. If you have any further questions about the process let me know, it's not easy to understand at first.


Thanks Jr (if I may call you that) for your prompt answer and advice, and especially for your offer for future help. I'm sure I'll take you up on it at some point! At this point, I don't even know what I don't know, ya know...

this information help to all,thanks sir

Can't believe steem is continuing the pump.
Huobi is proving to us the way of the market.
Steem will start May ready for the second half of the year.
Keep on steemin

Steem is yet to deliver its best... Being able to trade Steem for eth and USDT is HUGE, this could pump steem even more...

The price went up as expected. That's a good sign for all of us here. Keep holding my friends. This is one of the best crypto out there.

I will not be surprised if we get some selling upon launch but this new exchange will bring more demand and gateways for the expanding community.

steem dollar seems undervalued considering its low supply.


Yes, I would imagine some pump group will get ahold of that shortly and do their thing. It's one of the lower float coins out there. Easy to move up with not a ton of money.


Not gonna take the profit, powered everything up and harvest the max out of it.

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Good luck and prosperity!

That explains the sharp increase in price then.