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The price of steem may not be seeing any love yet, but some of its ratings are...

In news put out today by the steemitblog, it was revealed that Flipside Crypto bumped its steem rating up to an "A".

That development can be seen here:

A full list of the Flipside ratings can be seen here:

This is a big improvement over Steem's rating previously.

Do you remember where it was before?

I will help you out...

It had a "C" rating before and some 73 projects received a better rating.

Well, not anymore!

Steem is now receiving the highest letter grade behind "S".

Feel free to go to my link above or the Flipside website if you'd like to learn more about the letter rankings.

This is a very good thing as the entire crypto market is set to rally.

My expectation is that many new retail investors will likely be coming into the market into the market in the near future and some of them will check these ratings as they decide where to invest their money...

Steem moving from a "C" to an "A" is possibly very significant in deciding whether steem receives their investment dollars or not.

Great job Steemit,Inc!

Stay informed my friends.


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Whoop Whoop

Better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Never heard about this site.
It is not very popular I would say.

The ratings can be accessed right off coinmartetcap

Inspiring post. Thanks for sharing the info

Hopefully this helps attract a few more investing dollars to steem.

It is good for Steem and this is great!

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Hopefully it starts being reflected in the price at some point here.

Hopefully it starts
Being reflected in the
Price at some point here.

                 - jrcornel

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haha thanks.

That's a good indicator and it may be because of all the new developments. Thanks for sharing!!

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It looks like steemit,inc worked with them to get their rating higher, they talk about it on their post which I left a link to in my post.

Well done to steemit inc lol we can't always just rip on them and have to give them credit when they do something right! Nice to be part of the A team, we all know that's where we should be lol. Now when Moon? kidding!

I wish I knew... hopefully soon.

good to see that 3K saoshies still giving a good support level to steem

Barely... and for how long?