Remember when Steem was rumored to be partnered with Samsung?

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It's too bad those rumors weren't true...

To really drive home exactly how big of a deal it might of been for steem to have struck a partnership of some kind with Samsung, take a look at the recent price action of ENJ.

Here's the chart:


It's up 985% since prices bottomed in November of 2018.

985 freakin percent!

The ENJ crypto wallet turned out to be the wallet of choice for Samsung when they launched their Galaxy S10 phone that supports several cryptocurrencies.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the steem chart do something like that?

Well, we have the blue print now...

All we need to do is get steem partnered with Samsung or some other major tech conglomerate and it is moon time for steem.

There has got to be some tech company that would be interested in collaborating on something!

Now we just gotta find em...

Stay informed my friends.


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Too bad eh?

We see soon :)

Like which though? I can't imagine a monster company doing so... but a start up company for sure.

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I could see it. I would think at the very least would be attractive to someone for the right price, they buy that and then put some money into it via advertising/promotion and the site would explode, taking steem with it.

I don't believe that's a feasible business model currently. It's going to take some steady growth and large disposable capital I mean...that's how I see it.

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Possibly, we will see.

Like I was say ... soon we see :)
A lot can happen here.

Are you just hoping or do you have someone in mind?

No I not have no name in my head @jrcornel :) but Some how I feel this interest comes soon... and then start fast lot happen :)
This why I say ... Soon we see :) .... just lets give it time .

Works for me.

Maybe partnered with Huawei?

Now that is an interesting one... What made you think of them?

My thoughts exactly

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985% would be great! However, I need a 9850% increase to meet my goal!

Haha I like the way you think!

good thinking but then what is the goal you are hoping to reach?

My math says somewhere around $50.

Yes, $50 is what I need to achieve my goals with the amount of Steem I currently hold. The actual goal is $350,000 worth of Steem.

Nice. What goals are those?

As we continue to improve the infrastructure of our protocol with cheaper nodes, I think we will become a more viable option to many seeking to involve a strong community with their project!

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Very good point. Steem has had scalability issues since its creation, hopefully we are getting close to solving those.

Apple would be smart and choose STEEM as the wallet of choice...

That sure would be nice...

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Travel, eating good food, not having to drive in an average week (combination of ride sharing and public transportation), and having a Virtual Assistant to help me with research. Also a margin for taxes and savings.

Do you have any plans for your Steem?

Nothing that in depth, no. Would love for a couple investments to pan out though to make life easier.

I rally hope that this will happen
But what decision will you take in this case?
Sell and getting profit or hold?
If to steem Coin will happen this i will ALWAYS HOLD

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For now I will hold. Would like to see some actual development with steem though. Separating the wallet from is a step.

What do you mean by separate the Wallet?

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