Get all 20 back, lock the tokens again

I may be in the minority but I would actually prefer if we had some tron and some steem community witnesses in there. That way they could actually (theoretically) work together to benefit steem instead of all this fighting. This may have been messy so far, but Tron and Justin still have a ton of resources that steem/steemit badly need in order to thrive.

Compromise is what we most likely end up having, but it might take a long time if things get lost in translation. We need people who can write in Chinese but are fluent also in English to explain everyone how things can be settled without upsetting neither party.

Would be best to just disable voting witnesses and hard-code the top 20 witnesses to users that were selected before the hostile takeover... Otherwise it will just be cat and mouse game.

Disabling voting sounds like a horrible idea

Obviously it is not the best or first option... I just think that Justin Sun is going to find other users that have lot of Steem Power after the previous accounts get blacklisted.

Me too ... I am going to take my time and Vote in 30 New Witnesses.


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