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We do need a couple of our guys in there at the very least...

If nothing else we need to get at least a couple of our guys in there to make sure the changes that are made are actually beneficial to current steem holders...

I just went in and voted the closest ones to making the Top 20 cut off:


Do what you think is best for steem.

I don't agree with many of the witnesses out there on several important issues, but I do think we need to get at least a couple of our guys in there as well.

Stay informed my friends.



This is fucking crazy. Even the possibility of reversing this hostile takeover is outlandish. We are actually on the brink... and the Steemit Dev team quit... meaning the Tron dev team is seriously sweating right now... we are going to force them to make another stupid decision or if they are too late they'll just lose outright.

Any ideas why they quit?

So if we all vote @jrcornel, then the world is saved ;)?

Ha, sure! Maybe I should run for a witness spot!

There is two choices, either assign you as a proxy or vote you as a witness ;)

Thanks for your votes
Had sent a memo to you in this regard.

It's done! I just watched @anyx get into the top 20. @themarkymark is within 3000 votes too! We need to keep this going!

Yep, I like him, will vote for him as well.

The above aren't necessarily who I think should be a Top Witness, I just think we need at least a handful of our guys in there to stop something malicious from possibly happening.

Get all 20 back, lock the tokens again

I may be in the minority but I would actually prefer if we had some tron and some steem community witnesses in there. That way they could actually (theoretically) work together to benefit steem instead of all this fighting. This may have been messy so far, but Tron and Justin still have a ton of resources that steem/steemit badly need in order to thrive.

Compromise is what we most likely end up having, but it might take a long time if things get lost in translation. We need people who can write in Chinese but are fluent also in English to explain everyone how things can be settled without upsetting neither party.

Would be best to just disable voting witnesses and hard-code the top 20 witnesses to users that were selected before the hostile takeover... Otherwise it will just be cat and mouse game.

Disabling voting sounds like a horrible idea

Obviously it is not the best or first option... I just think that Justin Sun is going to find other users that have lot of Steem Power after the previous accounts get blacklisted.

Me too ... I am going to take my time and Vote in 30 New Witnesses.


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