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Coinbase announces they are looking at adding 8 more coins.

Unfortunately for all of us, there was no mention of Steem.

Here is the announcement:

Interesting enough, now some of these coins listed and potentially listed have smaller market caps than steem, lower trading volumes, and have done an ICO. All things you would think would work in steem's favor...

Not sure what the hold up is regarding steem.

We have been told several times that Steemit,Inc has contacted Coinbase on numerous occasions about listing steem.

So far, we have seen no results from it.

It isn't entirely clear what the hold up is regarding steem, and if Inc has been told what it is, they haven't shared that publicly.

Perhaps if the community continues to contact coinbase about adding steem, perhaps we can be on the next wave of coin listings.

Stay informed my friends.


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  ·  15 days ago (edited)

Would be more interested in ONG than ONT so i can just send it straight to Coinbase. Wan would be good too when POS goes live end of this month. Steem would also be epic i just want to cut out having to go to an exchange and convert to Bitcoin. Obviously Coinbase is just great for adoption overall.

Yep, and considering there are a lot of US based users on here, being on Coinbase with a fiat on/off ramp would be beyond huge for steem and steemit... It is a headache for people trying to get steem on here with money from their bank account. It shouldn't be that way...

Well my Steem and Ethereum puchases of 3 months ago have turned out soooooooo fantastic that I am just dying to throw more of my money away on the alts.

I hear you. Though at least with steem you can 'keyboard mine' which helps cushion the losses, if only slightly.

Ontology is the only one I would be sort of interested in. Sort of.

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

I am not interested in many altcoins to be honest... unless they have a way I can mine them for a significant ROI.

I don't think it's going to matter in the long run. We can be ignored for quite a while, but eventually the battering ram that is the Steem blockchain will force the world to take us seriously.

This is very true if they can eventually get some cool things built on here. I mean if we start onboarding millions of users with communities and smts, well then the price will eventually take care of itself. I just hope we have a way to effectively market/advertise when the time is right...

We have been told several times that Steemit,Inc has contacted Coinbase on numerous occasions about listing steem.

"contacting" them isn't enough. I'm betting all of those other tokens have been putting in serious biz dev work to make it happen. Steemit, Inc doesn't have any business development people even on their staff. If I were them I would stop all the ad sales stuff and focus all of that energy on business development deals such as Coinbase.

But I don't realistically ever expect them to do that.

You are exactly right and I completely agree. As a top witness, any chance they will listen to your ideas on this at all? I am sure the community shares our same views...

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Top witnesses also have the responsibility to push STINC to hire business development people if it is a dire necessary. STINC, witnesses and big stakeholders have to share or cooperate on their responsibilities Or, SPS proposal can be made and funded to build a team.

I wonder there are other cooperation too: @steemalliance and @steemba. I wonder what they think too about Steem in @coinbase?

Even a fund can be raise to add Steem to coinbase for 100K Steem. I believe 5K active Steemian can on average donate 20 Steem too.

The only issue is that someone capable of adding Steem to coinbase has to come forward and take initiative.

Yep. If the only issue is related to a fee, we can get past that. We need to hear from Inc exactly why Coinbase will not add steem at this point.

Almost true... (BUT only ALMOST) as you can use #Coinpot to convert ANY common Crypto into ANY common Crypto and THEN #Eobot to convert it into #Steem as I had to learn in my years of trial and error on #CTP ;-)

I'd still like to see steem listed on Coinbase.

Dash and Ontology makes sense the rest seems like they probably paid quite a fee to be included

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Very possible. It's not the most transparent process... in fact it's not really transparent at all. Even after they published some listing guidelines late last year.

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why are they so against it? lol

That's what I would like to know...

May be my chance to get some more Dash which is exciting! I think nobody will touch Steem until the Hard Fork happens as nodes need to be upgraded and tested... With the lower costs, it could be a possibility afterwards.

There may be some truth to that... though I think it is a bit of reach. :)

If there is a time for us not to be listed is now, it´s the first time a lot of fear and disbelief is actually affecting the price of STEEM. So, Coinbase keeps "protecting" themselves.

I am not sure what their reasoning... Supposedly Inc has been contacting them for many months now.