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RE: Introducing A Community Platform for Bargain Hunters and Deal Spotters

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Very Exciting and promising project ! Checked your website ..

  • currently you cover US, Australia and UK. I hope you can extend to more coverage area across Europ and Asia .
  • also
    No iOS or android app yet. It is very essential to spread out .. consider it asap!
    All support ✊ and best wishes 👍🏼❤️

We only have a small team, but the ability to post deals from around the world is there. The idea is the community posts deals from around the world. We'll soon find out where the most popular countries are and focus on them. This is only Day 1 :-P

Thanks @josteem! You can already post deals from anywhere in the world however we'll be including buttons soon for many other countries to improve search-ability.

And the app idea is definitely something that we have flagged for the future. :)

It's early days for Block Deals however we have a fantastic team to support this project.

@blockdeals first of all thanks for providing healthful project to the community, I am an iOS App developer and i see your website and it seems a promising project. If you thinking of coming up with an app of your project. Then i will helps you out in this. I will make app for you.

Thanks for the offer mate. You can find us on the PAL discord server if you want to chat. Most of us have the same Steemit username as our discord name.

Great whenever you need me just give me a shout..