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One of the biggest problems of people is currently finding the decentralized applications that would suit their kind of content creating and if you are not a whale then you will certainly need to stick to some kind of decentralized applications in order to maximize your earning ability so the fact still remains that in this current approach of the platform, the decentralized applications for the play 70% role in how a person successfully creates on the platform, for example, busy.org, works with your steempower and your engage, esteem somehow, dtube, partiko and so many others have rules for their rewarding system however it'll be a big blunder to not notice that the DAPPs are the best way to monetizing your contents at least up to a level of 70% but sometimes we see so many people who do not even use this decentralized applications even when they have been choice to do so, So what could be the cause of this?

The truth still remains that finding the best decentralized applications that suit your type of content creating is very difficult especially when you are a jack of all trade (all round content creator) sometimes you feel the need to ramble among all type of contents whether making a video on making a blog but you really do not know which one you are best at doing and as a result of this such people stay away from creating contents because when they do without the decentralized applications and they obviously do not have friends who are whales and who put them on automatic votes then the content will basically suffer because there is not a backed decentralized application which this content is being posted on and as a result of this, their earning abilities keeps deteriorating and every day they keep losing the fights to stay relevant coupled with the fact that there is a bear market and if you look well into the platform you will find such people who are no longer relevant because of the confusion of finding the right dapp.

The dapps is the present, people no longer need to be in discord channels to get votes, they can do this by just coming to the platform, choosing the right decentralized applications and putting in their professionalism their ethics and what they are actually good at doing and the votes will keep rolling in so obviously this is a new style of getting votes rather than how it used to be in the past and if you obviously do not recognise this then this mess that you may have lost your relevance in the platform or you are in a state of confusion or either you're definitely not blending into the change which the platform is undertaking, that said I believe that 85% of the platform are currently using one or two or more decentralized application and they are obviously hitting it big this takes away the aspect of having to depend on a particular person for vote and even if the system may not embrace communalism or support 100% interdependence like we used to have, i still believe does the decentralized applications has made it definitely easier to putting work and get in your deserved votes without having to do more than that. So in earnest, acceptance of the fact that the dapps now rules is the first, choosing the best that suits you is second and the third is finding the best way to utilize them based on our creating abilities.

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In my opinion,

People need to discover themselves first before they discover DApps

Also people need to discover the people who’re behind the DApps while they discovering the DApps

Hope more and more people spend more time on the platform than the Discord


Yes I definitely would say more people needs to spend more time discovering the platform instead of spending it on on discord, yes I do agree people needs to find themselves before finding the dapps, normally the normal phenomenon requires this to be the usual process, so I was speaking post discovering the dapps, hell I understood the concept of using busy.org before I even started using it definitely, thank you so much for the brilliant input, always a pleasure sir

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