How Can You Help STEEM? Be A Product Of Your Product!

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The potential of this blockchain and everything it stands for is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto space...

Sure it doesn't have the press and publicity of Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Ripple...But there is something very attractive to combining blogging and social media into the proof of brain concept.

It's not perfect...As we can see from the constant drama and debates...But it's something anyone that's in business or that creates content online can get behind!

The blockchain of opportunity is the perfect description of STEEM!

I came across this powerful post by one of the top 20 witnesses on the blockchain @timcliff and he's about to start a campaign to bring more awareness to STEEM. Not just for the blogging and social media aspects, but for the investment side of things.

And in the post he challenges everyone on STEEM to help bring awareness to the blockchain by using social media. He's calling it the STEEM Social Media Blast Day and we'll spread the word about the opportunity that's here...

So many great ideas are shared on Tim's post on how we can help the cause and here's one I've been trying to live by since December 7th, 2017....(My STEEM birthday lol)

Be a product...Of your product!

I spend about 10% of my time on the 'other' social media platforms and when I do, it's usually to promote...My content on the STEEM blockchain!

If I have a new post on Steemit, I share it on Twitter and Facebook.

I'm gaming on Dlive or recorded a video on Dtube, it's being shared on my major social media accounts...

If I expect people to get excited and fired up for STEEM, I need to SHOW them that I actually use this stuff. Because let's be honest, if I'm spouting off about how great STEEM is but continue to spend my time using Instagram instead of Steephot....Well...

My belief in STEEM is centered around this simple fact...I can actually USE this stuff now! We don't need to wait for funding, or some investor to drop a few billion on the project. I can take a snap shot on my phone and upload it via Steephot right now!

And I also don't need to kiss Twitch's rear end to become a partner...We have Dlive, and yup...I can stream right now!

Crazy I know...Actually using a blockchain that combines the power of PEOPLE and social media with the technology that's going to change the world.

I'm looking forward to Tim's Social Media Blast Day because I'll get to showcase my passion for STEEM where I;

Live it!

Breathe it!

And actually use it!

Again, I know this place isn't perfect. And I know there are tons of changes coming that need to happen...But when you combine everything great about this place and it's long term potential, you'll see we are set up for something big...Very soon!

We're right around the corner...The STEEM Creators Conference & SMT Summit is only a few weeks away...


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Great contribution my friend.
I love seeing your fire^^

The last week when I was inactive becasue of my occupation I made some more researches about other coins and projects. You know what I realised again?

STEEM is so undervalued! Not only by the press but also by the current crypto youtubers. I mean the press I can understand. But the crypto boys?

How can the busiest Blockchain be so undervalued?

I wish I could visit the STEEM creators conference.


thanks for the comments sir. and oh i completely agree. under valued and never mentioned by the youtube ‘experts’

we can actually use this stuff everyday. and that alone makes me want more of it lol

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I like the idea of the Social Media Blast day and hopefully others will follow your lead and regularly share their Steem content on other platforms. I'm actually glad I saw your post bc it reminded me to post my new video on YouTube as well. It's my way of getting the word out. As you said, we don't have the media's attention like Bitcoin or Ethereum, it's up to us to spread the news about the Steem blockchain.


absolutely. and i know it’s not perfect. but it’s got that what if factor more than anything i’ve ever seen before in crypto and social media. what if is a powerful question lol

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I'm glad you've seen Tim's post, Jon. If you wouldn't have, I would have told you about it anyway, because you're so good at spreading the word and so contagious in your passion. :)


he’s legit. a real solid witness and someone we need here.

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Probably the best of all worlds we have (as a whole). Witness + dev + communication / engagement.

I am so glad to hear about Social Media Blast day. Let us know when it is, it should help get more people on steemit. I just hope they fixed the problem with getting a steemit account.


that will come with hardfork 20. check out @brandonfrye ‘s video on that today.

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Watches that video explains a lot but leaves many questions as well


that’s the exciting thing. brand new world. new stuff. always stuff to learn.

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You know @jongolson there is one thing that is actually positive about the drama that occurs. We can do something about it! When a corporation owns the platform we have no say and they have no mercy (they just don't care what the consumer thinks.. they just want a profit!) for the consumer! On the STEEM blockchain it takes everyone to build this to be even greater! We have awesome people like @brandonfrye contributing with the @minnowfund and the venture to being a witness! Then people like @timcliff promoting and suggesting ideas to bring investors on board. This is what really will bring a huge success. Then other Social Media organizations will have to adjust their plans / control to be better!


i agree. and we all have a duty to spread the word about it. which makes sense when you understand that we own this!

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"The blockchain of opportunity", that's a very accurate description. Nice!


Very interesting post, Jon.
I too started to inform about my posts on Steemit on Twitter and Facebook. Will keep an eye on Tim's Social Media Blast Day.


awesome. thanks man. appreciate the comments.

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