STEEM has a new trading pair on Bittrex!

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STEEM is now paired with Tether on Bittrex...

While STEEM hasn't seen many new Exchange listings or pairs over the last year or so, that hasn't stopped Bittrex from getting them one.

The other day Bittrex paired STEEM with Tether (USDT).

Check it out:



This is a very interesting development, especially with a lot of money currently sitting in Tether right now.

There's $51 billion sitting in Tether currently.

It won't take much of that moving into altcoins like STEEM to really send them to the moon...



Who knows of any of that money actually comes into STEEM, but at least the potential is certainly there now with the Tether trading pair on Bittrex.

As I mentioned yesterday, is seeing tremendous growth over the last 3 months, so the potential is certainly there...



Looks like STEEM is setting up for a major pump when the animal spirits return again in the altcoin markets.

A few more Exchange listings and/or trading pairs wouldn't hurt, what do you think @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @justinsunsteemit?

Coinbase and Bitfinex would be very good gets for STEEM... also a TSTEEM listing on the main list of Justswap would be very helpful as well.


Its a good news to hear that it is listed on tether @jondoe

Thx 4 the info - resteemed!

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