Why STEEM would be good and positive even if it turned out to be a scam

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The are many opinions trying to persuade people to believe that STEEM blockchain is a scam. Some arguments are “quite” convincing but in my opinion it does not matter because STEEM and STEEMIT are positive anyway no matter who profits the most and what will happen in the future.

Let’s take a look what characteristics STEEM has that make it unique and interesting.

1. Transactions cost: ZERO

Eliminating Transaction Fees
Steem goes to great lengths to reward people for contributing to the network. It would be
counterproductive to turn around and charge people every time they attempt to interact
with the community.
white paper

Each post/comment/edition is a blockchain transaction and it costs nothing to submit. Comparing it to Bitcoin where transaction fees are constantly rising and processing transaction can take a lot of time it is a no brainer what looks better. There was a time when you could sent Bitcoin with no fee at all and such transaction got mined and included in a block anyway, but those times are behind us. I have been playing around with 0 fees myself to learn a little bit more about the protocol and it was cool. I think 0 fees Bitcoin transactions are not processed anymore (if they are, they are very rare). 0 fee transactions on STEEM might worry a bit when it comes to spamming network and DOSing it this way, verifying accounts kind of resolves this, at least just a little I think.

2. Blockchain content: ARTICLES

Some original “hidden gems” are mindblowing. You just can’t get enough of a good read and your bookmark list “MustRead” grows enourmously.

3. Content curating: VOTES

Upvoting or downvoting has a real value here. Even when it was as little as 0.01$ it is still much better than something like Reddit’s ‘karma’ which I don’t even want to learn more about because I don’t think I need to and don’t want to spend my time on it.

4. Content reward: STEEM DOLLARS

On STEEMIT you can really get rewarded for the content you publish. Delicious meal recipe can make you wealthier and others healthier at the same time. Publishing your computer programs/IT solutions can give you sustainability to work on it more and generate profit. Spreading information by reposting news may even get rewarded because someone finds such content important. There are many other examples we have seen already here and there are a lot more to come that people didn’t even think of yet. This is the place where you really can do what you love and get paid for it.

5. Assets utility: MAGIC INTERNET MONEY

Just like other cryptocurrencies STEEM assets have a real value in a real world. Price fluctuates? This happens to anything than can be exchanged for fiat money. SP gives you more voting power and SBD should yield interests. You can even use it to invest in 3rd parties projects like: BlockPay (I don’t know any other cryptotoken that could be used as an investment tool with such short lifetime - STEEM is 6 months old only at the moment).


Here you can learn how to write/code/cook with great tutorials, earn some money(maybe even big money), improve you language skills (while reading this you might get the feeling English is not my native language - still learning every day) and many other advantages I can’t think of at the moment.

7. Proof of Concept complexity: SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM

  • Bitcoin - you can’t explain it easily even when it looks like a better money in it’s present form,

  • Ethereum - explain smart contracts to a guy on the street, even my friend - programmer for more than ten years now wanted me to explain ‘smart contracts’ term to him,

  • And many others - often very spicific niches with special use cases (Dash, Factom, Waves, Solarcoin, etc …)

Hard to make them mainstream, maybe even impossible.

* Steem - social media platform - no deep explanation needed
Simply put a mainstream blockchain KILLER APP

8. Entry cost: ZERO

This one is the most important in my opinion and wins any comparison. With STEEMIT you just sign up, get free assets and start to play around. You can even withdraw the initial amount you have been given, but there is a little catch here that it would take 2 years to completely do so.
Imagine starting your adventure with another blockchain where mining is very expensive and hard, no one gives you initial tokens for free and you have to buy them on exchanges where you have to create personal accounts and often verify them (of course there are solutions like ShapeShift but novices probably have no knowledge about this). Not even mentioning that people do stupid mistakes like sendings tokens to wrong addresses or mistaking fees amounts with values amounts and the token itself can just be a simple scam.
A LONG WAY TO GO for a simple user and it can be very discouraging.

On the other hand signing up for STEEMIT gives you over $4 worth of STEEM POWER.
Steemit verification partially eliminates bad actors from creating accounts. Social media accounts used for verification cost you 0$ (Let's skip here the fact that you have to give out some personal information when you sign up for facebook, reddit because you probably already shared it anyway.). However you can mine STEEM and create an account this way without verification process (I’m not sure if it is still possible), but this generates bigger electricity bills, so actually costs something.

Diving into STEEM costs you basically nothing but your time and should have only positive results in the end (of course when you don’t consider STEEM only as a speculative investment - here things might get crazy, do it at your own risk. Remember that this blockchain gives more than that).

Even if STEEM turned out to be a scam you would lose basically nothing, you could even get out with a profit and valuable life experience. Many blockchains didn’t survive, will STEEM survive? Personally I don’t give a f…. Even Bitcoin can still die. Blockchains are experiments. Right now everything seems to be working kind of as expected, gives a lot of fun, satisfaction and some MAGIC INTERNET MONEY too.

COOL, isn’t it?

What does not kill you, makes you stronger!

P.S. Sorry for my English, feel free to correct me in comments. I hope you get my point, what is yours?

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meesterboom strong!!!!

Blockchain strong!!!

Like your post dude and your english is fine :)

Yeah, even if the Steemit currency devalues massively, it still is a revolutionary idea that can only get better.

It cannot be a scam, if the entry cost is free. In fact you even earn 3.5$ just by signing up, it's a very rewarding platform.

Honestly it took me a long time to change my way of thinking about steemit and ethereum. I was thinking of them as a currency and how flawed they are to be used as a serious currency like Bitcoin was meant to be. The more I learn about the platforms and the goals of the underlying systems, the more I become on board with the dynamic of replenishing "steem dollars" or "gas." The platforms are not directly meant to be a currency per say, but thinking of them more as a fuel or commodity, like if you were a delivery driver and needed gas for your car to work, has helped me to see them as anything other than a ponzi scheme. Ultimately I don't know what the original creators goals or thoughts are, and only time will tell. What I do know is that the proof of concept is nice, and if the steemit devs decide to start acting like the Ethereum Foundation, I'll buy up all of the steemclassic I can get. :)