This is rather astonishing, especially the idea of defragmentation. That's really cool. Its also interesting how they've managed to make it fee free, it seems like there is a shift to more fee-free networks and understandably so! Also cool how it is ad-free still!

Thanks for this post & oppurtunity!

Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

Hello @joeypark, today you introduced the Grabity project. I have never heard of this. in my opinion this is very good. and I will not pass this opportunity. because the Grabity project has many advantages. like free shipping. no gas fees. this is amazing. and applying business to the blockchain is also very easy because Grabity provides SDKs. and more interestingly, the Grabity project also provides GBT Power prizes for those who participate. and the BTBT power can be exchanged with GBT. I will participate now too.

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Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

I also thank you very much for giving me a voice through comments. you give kindness to many people. hopefully your days are always fun.

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There are lots of blockchain projects out there that aims to provide scalable, secure and cost efficient distributed network however one key element that I always look for in any project is how they espouses inclusivity in the cryptocurrency space.

I think this project is one of the few projects out there that actually aims to focus on inclusivity enabling mobile users to participate in block validation and partake in its rewards mechanism.

Very interesting project indeed and I wish the project more success in the future!

Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

Grabity is a remarkable future public Blockchain project to transform the Internet paradigm from a centralized to a distributed network.

It is interesting because anyone can share computer resources with idle devices that you already have, such as smartphones, tablets, or normal computers, and can contribute to building a common block of chains and transforming the Internet paradigm from a central system to a distributed network.

I feel it has a wonderful future.

Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

Hi @joeypark
This Grabity knows as GBT is new for me and never heard before but I am always interested to know about anything which I am not aware of. I have gone through the entire post and understand this project. This looks exciting. Imagining that my smartphone can do the mining makes me so exciting. Ethereum platform is very good and ERC-20 is in demand now a days as many projects prefer this platform.
You also mentioned that it will be listed in BW exchange on 29th April which just a day away.
Overall I liked this very much and wanted to know this mobile mining will be available?

Thanks for sharing such a great project and this post deserve more audience so resteemed and upvoted as well.

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Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

This was such a great post and I just the love the concept of the project. Thanks much to you for sharing this amazing post and I am excited to have to further update from you on this.
Hope to get more update on this soon.

I am thankful to my friend @georgeboya, because I saw this post!
This seems to be a very interesting idea put into action.
I have already followed them on facebook :)
You have crafted a great and comprehensive post here, but if I may say so... you are missing the links to the website + channels at the end!
Again, thanks for sharing!
Have a lovely day!

Thanks for your kind words 😊 Have a nice day!

The more GBT, The more you receive Rewards - I understand that as an inflation which is transacted into user's pocket. Steem has the same thing integrated. I specially like the idea of Orbital Consensus Algorithm.

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Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

When I first joined Steemit I spent most of my time writing on my laptop. But in recent months I moved to writing and commenting mostly via mobile. So it only makes sense for blockchain projects to start focusing more strongly on the mobile/ smartphone market.

This looks like an awesome project. And I’ll do some more reading about it later on once I’m not sitting in a bar near the beach.

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Alright 😊 It would be nice!

Defrag Function
As I understand it, Genesis Hoisting is a technology that configures the distributed ledger and transfers all the blocks to the supernode when the storage space of the devices of each node reaches a certain amount.
Surely, there will be answers for my concerns: 1. Is the amount of storage predetermined by sectorization algorithms ?. 2. Is the transfer virtual or of real storage ?. 3. Is there additional support available to handle the monitoring, mitigation and remediation of the network layer that is extrapolated? 4. Is not the network limited by the space available in the devices of each node ?. 5. Does not the individual response to the characteristics of the devices simultaneously connected to the node?

Good questions! I'm gonna ask them to Grabity team.

Truly amazing technology and the idea that transactions can be mined on a cell phone and transferred to master nodes is just brilliant and simple. I wonder why nobody came up with this idea earlier. I hope it comes to my phone in the near future!

So if I buy GBT, I will receive profits from smart contracts? Can I already mine some GBT on my phone?

Thanks for Resteeming this post 😊

Yes, You would get profits from smart contracts. By the way, You are not able to mine GBT on your smart phone for now.

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