#1 Steem App DTube Author Rewards Reach $544 A Day!

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Would you like to see how creators are earning $544 a day collectively in the first four weeks of a new decentralized video hosting website running on the Steem blockchain named DTube.video ?

This level of innovation on Steem is why I am certain the price for 1 Steem will go from $1.27 today to over $10 soon because anything that empowers developers and users to collaborate so easily is also going to draw a whole lot of investment and speculation.

Would you take a look at this with me because in terms of earning potential for video producers this is the best I’ve seen online lately especially when combined with an active blog on Steemit and also uploading videos on YouTube and Facebook? View the earnings of the app at https://steemdb.com/app/dtube/earnings and then multiply by 3 to calculate the author earnings because DTube takes 25% of author earnings meaning the creators submitting videos are earning 75% which is 3 times more than the earnings shown that DTube is earning.

$544 A Day Uploading Videos to the Blockchain?

This is DTube.video. This is what the website looks like. It’s very similar to an early version of YouTube.

The difference is anyone can upload any video. There’s no censorship on it done by a company like when you upload videos to YouTube and rewards are built in by every single upvote.

When we put a video on DTube, we can just upvote it to earn more rewards. I’ve just got this new video I’ve uploaded and I can literally give myself around $2 by liking my own video.

That’s why this is amazing.

We can then see exactly how much creators have collectively made using DTube by the publicly available data.

This is how much I’ve made personally. If you add all this up, this is over a $1,000 earned in less than 25 days that I’ve been using DTube.

You can see my first video 17 days ago. If you add this up, you’re looking at close to $1,500 I’ve earned in 17 days on DTube.

Now, I’m not the only one who’s earned this. There are lots of other creators. You can browse. You can see exactly who’s uploading other videos and how much is being earned.

You can look through trending videos. You can look through new videos to see videos being uploaded in real time. The amazing thing is that there’s not a lot of competition yet and there’s huge opportunity.

Here’s exactly how much creators are earning. This is available because on SteemDB we can see exactly how much the creator of DTube is being paid.

The creator of DTube is @heimindanger.

He just released DTube off the Steem blockchain.

It’s built off the Steem blockchain using IFPS to host the videos on decentralized peer-to-peer servers. He just released DTube 25 days ago.

Now, this is how much money he’s getting paid. This is how I calculated $544 a day.

Now, if we backward engineer this, this is 25 days worth of payment. The total amount is actually $13,600 worth earned by creators in the first 25 days of DTube.

Now, how did I get that number?

The creator of DTube has earned 3,570 Steem in the form of Steem Power in the very first 25 days of release.

Steem is currently at $1.27 on Bittrex and when we multiply by 3,570 Steem Power, this equals to $4,533 earned in total by @heimindanger.

The creator of DTube gets 25% of the author rewards while the creators get the other 75%.

75 is three times 25, so we multiply $4,533 by 3, which equals to $13,600 earned by creators in total for 25 days.

Then, we divide $13,600 by 25 days, and the result is $544 per day.

Now, let’s compare that to YouTube where I have 1,620 videos.

I’m earning about $2,000 a month on YouTube even though I’m giving YouTube a lot in terms of views, 610,000 views on my videos.

YouTube is showing a lot of ads on the videos and is taking about 43% of the ad revenue I’m earning, which compared to DTube only taking 25% seems like a really good deal.

Meanwhile, competition is insane on YouTube. There’s something like 16 years of video uploaded every second or something crazy like that. There’s a lot of videos being uploaded on YouTube every day.

Concurrently, on DTube there’s not a lot of videos being uploaded every day because it’s only 25 days old. Now, there are going to be a lot more videos uploaded on DTube, but right now, there’s only a video being uploaded every five or so minutes.

Now, the amazing thing is that on DTube we can put anything. On YouTube there are lots of types of videos that I can’t monetize at all. There are also other types of videos that if I upload them I will get my YouTube account banned.

Now, I can upload whatever I feel like on DTube. The worse thing that can happen on DTube is that I could offend my followers on Steem.

Now, what do you need to use in order to use DTube?

You need an account on steemit.com like I do. That’s how we are able to upload videos to DTube.

You have to have an account on Steemit and the best part is that it is a blogging platform. I have a blog here on Steemit, which I’m grateful for outstanding earnings.

Then essentially what DTube does is just provides video hosting for my blog.

I'll show you the most recent post that I just made. It is called "Earn Steem by Uploading Videos to DTube and Find Solutions to Errors." The point of this is to show how to use DTube, to provide a tutorial, and then to provide some common solutions to errors.

This is what really happens when I submit my video to DTube.

I go to the top menu and I click the upload icon. Then, it is as easy as dragging any video file, putting a title, description and tags, and hitting "Submit."

You also have to use "Take Snap" or "Upload Snap" to do a thumbnail image, which is really easy.

When I hit "Submit," what happens?

The post goes over here to my blog on Steem. The blockchain is called Steem. The user interface is Steemit.com. It goes over here onto my blog.

Then, I’ve got this video, which really is just a picture.

The picture then goes straight over to DTube where the video starts playing just like that.

That’s all it takes to have the video on DTube.

This means that I can both do videos and a blog in the exact same place. On YouTube, if I just want to put up a blog somewhere and write about it on YouTube, I can’t do that, I have to put a video up. I can only put videos up on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Steem has this integration with both a blog embedded in it. Then, I can just put a video up straight through DTube.

That’s why Steem is just an outstanding opportunity, and then all of the people following my blog can also easily read my newest posts and see my newest videos.

All the people upvoting for posts on my blog are easily able to see my videos as well. It's one integrated, incredible, interface. I’m very grateful for Steem to be able to do this.

That’s why I’m so pumped about Steem because this level of innovation is possible by individual users. If we look at it, one user of Steem, with the help from other users, is able to build DTube.video on top of the Steem blockchain.

That’s amazing!

When we have a blockchain that users can easily, with the technical skills or funding to collaborate with the developer, can easily build things on top of the blockchain and add value in that way, we’re looking at tremendous value in the future.

That’s why I am so ridiculously optimistic about Steem.

I know it’s annoying and you hate seeing it.

I’ve got all of my money and all of my retirement into Steem.

All in on Steem!

I sold my stocks and my bonds because I think Steem is going to blow up when all of these things come together and are seen just by one investor realizing, “Wow, this blogging platform works for search engine optimization."

This blogging platform allows anyone to build on top of it and earn money. You can see the potential when the creators are actually earning $544 a day posting videos to DTube when it's brand new.

I think in a few months creators are going to be earning collectively $5,000 plus a day from uploading videos on DTube. The hardest thing to do with any new website like this is to start it and to get that initial traffic.

There are tons of start ups I'm sure that have tried to take a crack at decentralized video. This is actually working, not only to get views, but to pay money back to the creators right away, and to be free from censorship.

Now, the beauty of it is even if something happens to DTube, if there's some problem, another user can easily build another DTube clone essentially and pull from existing blockchain data. This is flexible. It can withstand problems.

Thank you very much for learning about this with me because over the years of my life I've searched for so many ways to give my gift to the world, to share my message, to be able to sign in online and actually make some money off of what I do on social media, to make some money of the time I invest in getting these videos up, and DTube is the very best in the game I've seen for new creators to just jump on.

The best part is we can easily put videos on DTube and on YouTube to just get traffic also. I'm putting this on DTube and I'm putting this up also on YouTube because I can. YouTube brings in the traffic and DTube gives me a better place to have my viewers go.

Did I mention that DTube has no ads?

You don't have to use an ad blocker because none of the videos have any ads. In fact, the creator rewards pay for all the hosting.

This is 10 times better than using any other option.

I'm extremely grateful to be in on this right on the beginning.

I was one of the first Facebook users. Do you know what that got me?


All right, it got me a girlfriend in college. It did get me that. Then, after that girlfriend dumped me, it got me more dates, but anyway, even being one of the first users, Facebook got me almost nothing.

Being one of the first users on Steem and DTube is likely to be life changing.

I'm grateful to be a part of that and have a chance to share this with you today.

If you found this helpful, would you please leave an upvote on DTube or on Steem because that is the most helpful way you can give back.

If you're watching on YouTube or Facebook would you please leave a like on this because that will help more people watching alongside you discover this.

I love you, you're awesome.

If you are struggling with errors on DTube, will you read this post and check the comments at https://steemit.com/dtube/@jerrybanfield/z1bipdqh because there we are working together to get around the DTube errors?

Final words

Thank you very much for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below!

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


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Hey Jerry, I liked the detailed post :)

There's a typo in:

It’s built off the Steem blockchain using IFPS to host the videos on decentralized peer-to-peer servers.

It's not IFPS , it's IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

Upvoting this comment for visibility.

I want to try it

@jerrybanfield another day another good post. I have voted you as my proxy witness because i have complete faith in your vote. You have been contributing really interesting stuff on steemit.

Jack thank you very much for setting me as your proxy at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because I am honored you have the trust in me to make all your witness votes for you!

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Good job!

Poor country. Such class. Thanks for the compliment brother.

wow ! great post.

Thanks a lot for your informative post, Jerry! I assume I was one of the first Germans with DTube videos and continue uploading much more.
With a blog post named "Die DTube-Revolution" ("die" in German means "the", to make this clear) I also got a lot of attention in German web magazines - you can look it up via Google. Old friends even invited me to a meeting because of this.
I appreciate very much your enthusiasm and your positive energy. Glad to meet such people here at Steemit!

Good post brother here's a Tip! for you. Thank you for your contribution to Steemit

You're welcome thank you very much for the tip from @tipu!

Why DTube videos ain't working here in the post? :P

I didn't even know that you could earn profits on dtube - thanks for clearing that up! :)

You're welcome!



This is one of the most detailed review on DTube till date!

Good job @jerrybanfield! You nailed it! I was skeptical about DTube until I read this article and I hope many others will be feeling the same inpsiration after reading it.

Keep posting, inspiring and supporting the Steemit community! ✌

I'm also trying to help the beginners who never earned even a single dollar ($1) per day 💰 at Steemit through my posts. I believe this article can change their lives so your valuable feedback can help me serve the community in a better way: How To Earn $100/Month By Commenting On Steemit 🚀.

Let's lift others as this is how we grow! 💪



Yasir thank you for your kind feedback here about the post and motivating me to also add the link to the DTube error post at https://steemit.com/dtube/@jerrybanfield/z1bipdqh to help users find ways around the problems!


I will kick my studio in to operation as soon as I return to Florida, I hope any way due to Irma, lol

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I think so I have put everything into it and think it is on pace to hit $10 with a huge pump any day when the right investor goes all in!

I've been very excited about Dtube. But I have been having issues with uploading straight from my iPhone. At first it wouldn't upload the video or snap. It would state "error: file type. Now I can get the video uploaded, but it auto fills the title and says the same error for the snap. Well here just check out the post I made about it.

Maybe you can help me figure this out. Again another great informative piece. Thanks!!

Maybe try handbrake to change the video file format? We are talking more about errors on https://steemit.com/dtube/@jerrybanfield/z1bipdqh

Right on I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

So, in what format do your videos need to be to work on Dtube?

Interesting! I need to get on Dtube!

Had some problems with uploading the snap picture but at the end i did it. Thank you @jerrybanfield :-)

@jerrybanfield as always you are very helpful, It's the content creators like yourself that add value to us and the platform. Thanks

You are good.gif

DTube is doing great but it still does have its fair share of issues/errors!

DTube is a great platform with bright future and shows the power of steem blockchain

that's really helpful to me...i am new on steemit and i will try to visit your blog to understand about steemit to move on...!!!

This is getting better and better every day.

I love the dtube idea. In fact I uploaded a video there of me playing my Flippin Stix on Fremont St in Las Vegas..

This is creating a very good awareness of what a video platform should actually be like, I'm starting my own channel very soon in coming 3 days. I'd really appreciate if anyone takes out the time to read my content and upvote, looking forward to being a successful Dtuber ;) Peace.

Hi jerry I have seen ur video on Facebook about steemit after that I have registered here and I even made a post thanking to you for inviting me here but I don't think u upvoted it I need upvotes as I m new and tell me how to see my vote power ? How to see that how much my vote power have been used and how to see how much money I can give to others or to myself by upvote.

@jerrybanfield liked your post can you please give an upvote on any of my post please?

@jerrybanfield I am here after seeing your ad on Youtube. Very excited to be on this platform I thank you for sharing this. #Grateful (Do hashtags work in steemit? I am not sure:P #newbie)

Folowing And upvote

you get votes too much dude :/

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What a post about DTube....carry on bro. Planning to be part of DTube. Upvoted & followed you bro.

I Love Dtube and making videos, but for some reason, I can't upload to D tube, it always crashes and reloads the page. I may be my terrible laptop lol but I am not sure. I make videos everyday but I can't seem to upload them. Very sad indeed. But Dtube is fantastic.

Hi Jerrybanfield
Hw r u ?
I like your posts very much on youtube and steemit.com but I donot know all the things about Steemit then also I want to put videos and want to earn full dollers by it since I have requirement of money. I want to earn minimum of 500$ in everyday.
Please help me to do the same personaly.
By your post only I open my account on Steemit. Thank You so much to giving me this type of good Website Steemit information.

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I want to get help by u only.

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@jerrybanfield - $544 per day, that's unbelievable Sir. Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [ReSteemed & UpVoted]

Thanks for sharing Jerry!

I had to re-post this to so people can see the potential in this. Thanks @jerrybanfield

If it will be free, it could be the next YouTube ;)

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Thank you, Jerry. This is a great detailed review of DTube and what a wonderful plus for Steemit.

Great job!!

Great post and wonderful article dude!

I'm going to dtube right after finish my work what u guys would like to see uploaded to dtube? Vlogs, computer tutorials, Gaming, tops 5.

Thanks for sharing. will try this again. Just for info, I've uploaded one video in DTube and it automatically created a blog post for me here in Steemit.


Congrats Jerry

43% to 25% cut - sounds like a no brainer to go with D Tube! Plus all the other arguments too of course...

Thanks for this....

But DTube videos earn for only 7 days, while YouTube videos can keep earning, even years later.

DTube is a great platform that still has some growing to do but has already shown massive potential!

DTube is a great platform that still has some growing to do but has already shown massive potential!

Great post jerry as always. Hope to see the value of steem touching usd 10 soon. Take care. Regards. Nainaz

I like the article!

Upvoted! I'm going to start uploading to dtube no ads=🤗 Thanks @jerrybanfield

Awsome (as usual from you) in the midst of the storm you still manage to keep it all going. Send me some of your energy. I will look into this once I have completed another month, I am so pleased with what I've done and what Steemit has done for me in particular. The lovelist thing about my day is to see replies. Great fun.

My wife @littlescribe has started doing video posts. You have made a good argument on using DTube. As always thanks for the post.

Guys, my name is Leo I'm new here on steemit, I'm a ecommerce and marketing expert would love to bring some of my stuff over to steemit in the future, so please check out my profile, thanks!


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Hi Jerry, I hope you are well, I am still new to this. Thanks so much for your awesome post, you explain things so clearly. I have been downloading some your youtube videos. Please do make some more posts on this (DTube) topic, because it is still very new to people.

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Your description told me "Be a DTube User"! I got it and I will be in!
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Dtube is good for making money....

The cryptosphere is evolving faster than any tech I have ever experienced. I was alive back in the days before home computers were in every household, and before widespread adoption of the internet.

In all that time, there has never been any technology that has evolved so fast, with such incredible opportunities for innovation as the crypto ecosystem. This is truly an amazing time to be alive.

While I'm here, I love the work you're doing to empower the rest of us with the knowledge to capitalize on all these opportunities that are now rapidly emerging.

I think this dtube is really cool
I will surely give it a try
Thank you

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@jerrybanfield I'm trying to upload on Dtube, but keep getting an error while uploading a snap. IPFS: Type Error Failed To Fetch. Any idea how to resolve that?

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I am amazed with you, your fingers as a money machine, and every paragraph present from your finger is money. although I can not speak english, I bring your writing to google translation. Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield

Great to learn about the monetary rewards for using dtube... Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing another informative post.

good post ... will be a next step for me interact with videos ... I have not yet done ... but I see that if it beneficial and much ... I have no experience with that but it's all about trying ... @ jerrybanfield i mention you in my last post although it is written in Spanish

I have just found interesting ICO. According to their website it will be an exchange with low fees.

I don't know anything about them, but it's interesting that they are giving free tokens if you sign up on their website.

If you want to give it a try, please register over my affiliate link https://wcex.co/?ref=N0ZQDHl.

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Your Posts are always good and helpful

Nice Post! Will try to use it soon!

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I can't upload my video.
What type of video can I upload?

Expect the "DTuber" by the name of "shonariver" earning lots of money hahah


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Right now DTube loads slowly while on YTube I can watch videos without a hitch. I'll start using DTube when it's already optimized.

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@jerrybanfield Im fairly new on Steemit and just recently started on DTube so all this information is very helpful. As a new DTUbe do you have any advice as to how I should go about getting more view on the platform? Im working on making my videos as high quality as possible and spending time to polish them as much as possible. Any advice for a new DTuber?