Dollar cost averaging Bitcoin — A Wiser Strategy in the current market

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Always making bad decisions when the market fluctuates?

When we talk about crypto investment, is it a long term strategy for you?One of the best strategy to invest in crypto is to buy some crypto assets every day. We’re not talking about ALL-IN and then HODL, because this is not a smart way to invest in crypto but a high-risk gambling.

Before knowing more about the DCA Bot, let’s check out the following chart which let you know the power of the DCA Strategy.

ROI of DCA Strategy from 2019/01/01… 116.26%!
But wait… buying 10$ of Bitcoin every day or 1$ Bitcoin every hour… That’s really time consuming and I’ll just need to act like a robot …
Hey! Let the bot do these routine work for you :)

Introducing: Dollar Cost Averaging Bot on Pionex

Pionex is an exchange designed for trading bots which is invested by BitUniverse
Simply saying, DCA Bot can help you to buy some crypto assets every hour or time period!!

Pionex — The World’s First Exchange Designed For Trading Bot

Let the robot do the routine work for you, and as a human being we can relax and enjoy our life with our family.

Invest $4 USDT to Bitcoin every 12 hours

Benefits I got after using DCA Bot

Tempered my emotions and avoid FOMO or panic selling.
Don’t have to put that much focus on the price chart everyday. Cause I knew that no matter how the price fluctuated I’m always buying/owning more crypto.

And if you’d like to step your first step into DCA strategy, here’s my advice for you: Prepare at least 3~6 months of funds for the DCA Bot, that’s when the magic happens (so don’t let the bot buy too much crypto for you if you don’t have lots of funds)

Hope you enjoy the trading bot on Pionex, the world’s first exchange designed for trading bots. BitUniverse has invested Pionex and is now dedicated to help operate the exchange together.

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