BUB, BitUniverse Trading Ecosystem Token

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BUB full name: BitUniverse Token
BUB Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial Price: 1ETH=6000BUB (Not for ICO, but the official price for swapping BUB with ETH, which means you can get free ETH if you have BUB)

Part I

With the fast development of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, more and more people started to trade a lot. Exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Huobi and Bitmex become a very key link in the cryptocurrency world, which have acquired millions of users.

People are holding and buying more and more kinds of coins/tokens, however, different coins are listed on different exchanges. People need to sign up multiple exchanges, complete the KYC, and deposit their coin into the exchange to buy the new coins/tokens. The whole process is too difficult and inconvenient for a beginner to finish the whole process.

There are brokers in the traditional finance market who solve this problem. Usually, they will let you trade all kinds of assets in different markets, and provide premium services. BitUniverse is tend to be the global broker in the cryptocurrency world.

Part II

As a broker, we want to build an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio management and trading terminal platform, to solve all problems we found.

Auto Portfolio Manager

BitUniverse’s unique auto portfolio manager can help you track your balance and profit easily from your exchanges and wallets. We utilize your API Key and wallet address to import and track your assets. Now we have supported more than 100 exchanges, Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet.

API Trading

If you have registered several exchanges, and trade frequently in those places, you must have the experience of switching from one exchange to another. BitUniverse provides the multiple exchanges trader feature. After importing the API Key, you’ll enjoy our outstanding UX and UI. Now we have supported 15 exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, etc.

Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency market is a 7×24 hour market so that you cannot stick on the price change and place orders all the time. You need a robot to help you to execute the strategies when you are asleep. The bot feature is now in development and will be published soon.

Premium Service

This is the biggest innovation of the whole BitUniverse trading system, which will bring you to a brand-new level of experience. You can deposit your coin into our wallet, just like you deposit your coins into an exchange wallet. After doing this, you’ll be able to buy any coin of any exchange, do leverage trading in any exchange even if that exchange doesn’t provide that feature, get some interests when you put your coins there, for example, 2% yearly, and will get a discount for trading fee.

Part III

BUB is a token used to be the circulating in the BitUniverse trading ecosystem and a kind of payment for the premium services. If you hold more BUB, you will get more discount.

How to get BUB?

BUB is now released in BitUniverse app as a kind of official credits, and will be on the Ethereum network in the future.
Now we don’t have ICO, IEO or IBO. The only way to get BUB is to complete the missions in BitUniverse:
1.Get 50BUB if you have imported your portfolio using exchange API Keys
2.Get 10BUB if you invite another friend to install BitUniverse
3.Get 30BUB if you invite another friend to install BitUniverse and import their portfolio using exchange API Keys
4.Daily bonus of 1BUB

BUB Consumption

Now we have provided some premium services which will charge you 0.05% transaction fee. In the future we may charge our users for monthly subscription fee. These all need BUB as payment method.

Long-term value of BUB

The initial price of it is 1ETH=6000 BUB, and you can swap your BUB to ETH at any time, which means if you don’t want to hold BUB, you can earn free ETH by completing missions in BitUniverse. With the increasement of number of people who use BitUniverse broker system, the conditions of BUB consumption will also be increased, so that BUB will be more valuable cause more people want to buy it. Otherwise, some users who have BUB will also choose to hodl and the circulating BUB will be less and less, which will stimulate the price of BUB increase.

Comprehensively speaking, BUB is just like BNB as a platform token, and may be the next 10 times price token to the moon! Come and get BUB right now!


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