4 Months of Steem in Review

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I had a much slower month in April. I decided to pull back from Steem a little to focus on finishing up my coding projects so I can work on getting a job as a developer.

It’s kind of crazy to look at the stats for this month compared to the last few, because it shows how much value you get from a single big whale upvote. I only posted 4 times, but still earned $491.12 (I had two big Utopian upvotes), versus earning $992.37 last month from 20 posts. A lot of this also has to do with the big uptick in the market recently, but it’s still interesting to see what a couple big upvotes can do.


Here’s a summary of my running stats since starting at the beginning of January, along with a list of all my posts for this month and how much they earned.

3 Months of Steem in Review$15.45
Creative Crypto - Markdown, Responsive Design & New Theme$209.23
Course Blocks - User Authentication & Restructure Code$22.82
Course Blocks - Create & Enroll in Courses, Plus Track Your Progress$243.62

May Goals

I’m going to be posting less again this month. I really need to finish up this web development program I’m doing and get a job. I'd like to turn in the first draft of my project Course Blocks, and deploy the first iteration of The Creative Crypto. I’ll continue to post on Utopian with my updates!

I’d also really like to finish a couple more videos for DTube so I can release my course about Steem on Udemy, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for sticking with me on this Steem journey so far! It has been fun watching the market — I’m so curious to see how things will develop this year. 🙂



Another good month Jeff!

It's interesting how much difference the market makes. Not really sure what would happen if we had ~$10 STEEM or more, I wonder if because the rewards go up it would increase sell pressure and make it difficult to reach/maintain that high-value figures.

Does the course you were on help you find a dev role?

If you're looking to do more videos/info posts on STEEM i'd really like to know more about what impact the Burn posts are having(assume you ave seen them).


Yeah it is definitely crazy how much of a difference the market makes -- I'm curious about what would happen if STEEM rises to $10 and above also. Do you think in that case it's just a factor of the volume of users? Kind of like with the market in general. So a big price spike is usually met with some sell off, but as more people enter the market that are interested in holding, the price continues to rise.

Yeah fortunately the program I'm in gives me 6 months of time with career services to help me find a job. Very curious how the job hunt is going to play out! It will be crazy if I can get a job that pays a normal salary after doing this program for about 6 months.

Actually I hadn't read about the Burn posts before, but I just checked it out. So it's just attempting to pull some of the rewards from the market because scammers have too much of a reason to scam right now?

Thanks for reading and your support!

There is a calculator on http://steem.supply/rewards but it doesn't take into account how the change in STEEM price changes the value of upvotes.

yesterday I watched this video (https://steemit.com/abuse/@lyndsaybowes/steem-rant-1-myths-about-flagging-and-the-reward-pool) which I still need to re-watch/do more research on but it changed the way I thought about the reward pool. Now I don't know if I understand it correctly.

I originally thought the reward pool was roughly ~700k STEEM per week that is divided by the total posts values.

It will be crazy if I can get a job that pays a normal salary after doing this program for about 6 months.

I think you can. 💯

From what I understand the burn posts are somehow an aim to reduce the price of SBD. not really sure on that one though.

Interesting stuff sir. You are making real, steady progress in your Steemit journey. Keep it up. I am into web designing too. I do wordpress websites. If i can be of assistance to you in any way, i will be willing to do so. Here is my tech blog:

Thanks for reading :D

Hello Jeff, again, you made excellent progress this month.

I am curious, how much time did you invest in your Utopian posts this month?

PS: I am a little jealous of your 61 reputation score :-)

Thank you for reading and your help/support! :D

Actually the Utopian posts are usually pretty quick to write. Maybe about an hour for the Creative Crypto one and the ones for Course Blocks probably took about 45 minutes each.

Haha yeah I think the reputation score is the main benefit from writing so many posts :P

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