Markdown template for multiple choice questions

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1. Use this markdown code to create your solution page:

Use CTRL-F for *** for replacement text locations

## ***[Your title here] (html comment removed: - Subject/title )

***[Your question here] (html comment removed: - Prompt )

(html comment removed: - Choices )

- ***[Answer 1][answersite]
- ***[Answer 2][answersite]
- ***[Answer 3][answersite]
- ***[Etc][answersite]

[answersite]: ***[your answer site here e.g.]
(html comment removed: - Solution )

**The correct answer is ****[correct answer here]*.** ***[Explanation of the correct answer here] (html comment removed: - Explanation )
***[Explanation of **wrong answer 1** here.]
***[Explanation of **wrong answer 2** here.]

### References (html comment removed: - References )

***[References here]() e.g. [Nash equilibria]( | separated by bars

### [Next question 1](***[url of question you like]) | [Next question 2](***[url of another question you like])


(html comment removed: - Tags ) 
(html comment removed: - (you select these, e.g. mcgt ~ multiple choice game theory) )
**Tags:** [#***mc[your abbreviation here]](***mc[your abbreviation here]) | [#***mcc[your abbreviation here]](***mcc[your abbreviation here]) | [#multiplechoice]( | [#multiplechoicecurations](
(html comment removed: - Remember to tag your posts with these tags or they won't be seen! )

(html comment removed: - Template and Curation homepages )

**Write and curate your own:** [Markdown template]( | [Html]( | [Instructions]( | [What is this?](

2. Delete everything below (html comment removed: - Solution ) for your question page.

Remember to copy your markdown before posting so that you can paste to make your question post.

Note you can only post once every 5 minutes. You can use this time to compose another question or browse trending questions.

Looking for the curation page template? Here it is.

(html comment removed: - Template and Curation homepages )

Write and curate your own: Markdown template | Html | Instructions | What is this?

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