Simple Things I do to help the Steem Platform, You Can Try it too

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In order to help the platform, there are some little things that I do, I am not sure if those are helping yet, but I know it would help if many of us did the same. Here are three things I do to promote #Steem grow:


Scan for new users and posts

Every day I scan for new users and new posts. I try to upvote and comment on these posts to encourage content diversity and to welcome new users, so they do not feel left out. There are excellent contents in the less popular tags, you should check it out.

Post links from the Steem Network on various Alternative platforms

I mostly post on #Twitter and #Minds, I post on #Facebook too, but the questions I get on Facebook are hard to thoroughly respond also. The audience there is hard to convince, I recently joined #Minds, and I hope to bring a lot of their users here, they already understand the concept of tokenized social platforms so it should be more comfortable.

I try to build smaller communities of mutual interest within the platform

Some of you may have noticed I am quite a diverse person, but I do have particular interests like health and motivation. So I figured its good to have smaller community groups of mutual interest within the platform where we can interact and stuff. People do not seem interested in posting in these groups (yet), but I firmly believe that the groups are where true interaction can happen as the platform grows bigger.

There you have, the three little things I do to help #steem grow. If you have some ideas that I can add on to the list, please let me know, #DoYourPart

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Thank you for reading it.


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Some really great tips and things we can all do more on the platform @jatinhota. I try to do no.1 but need to up my game on doing it more.

Thanks for sharing

Btw @jatinhota, just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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Your Consistency in providing high quality Material is so much appreciated by the Steemit Community that we feel it should be rewarded Consistently :)

Thanks. I am part of 2 Blockchain based social media and I promote them hard.

It's pretty hard to get votes in the beginning. Your doing a good thing. Hope more people will do as you👍

I hope so, That is why I wrote this post. Let people know.

Hello sir.
this idea is very steemit user cannot grow up without you can help to new steemit user.

I am helping new steemit. You can see my actions. Everyday I am finding some good content from new user and upvoting them.

You are good sir.
it is very usefull think.

Help promoting Steem to public also a good way!

I did that before but with my SP it doesn't please anyone. Perhaps I need to accumulate more SP first and please myself before I please everyone else.

Yes, But, I believe consistent is the key. Big impact or slow, We should never give up.

Hello jatinhota, i'm always searching for this type of topic. Being a new user i've no idea what will be the best way to success in steem. I'm trying to watch video on you tube regarding steem. There are so many terms which i don't understand. So, pls keep writing for us. Thanks.. @azizulnoor

Which terms didn't you understand?

I will keep, mate.

Hello jatinhota.. Thanks for replying me. Well i just want to know how can increase my reputation here ? What's the best way to earn more ? Waiting for ur advise...

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