TOP 10 NEW FEATURES - in June has been WOW development!!

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Let me recap a bit in case you've been living under a rock

  • That's 4 very substantial new versions in less than 30 days!
  • I counted up the bullet points of the changes we've done... 44 items in those 4 posts.



There's 44 items but I'll give you my top 10


  • I made one and it's a great introduction post ... i may switch it from time to time if something is super important for long periods of time and other posts have come in since then. It's not something I'll use all the time but i do hope when i visit new users that they perhaps have a nice introduction pinned post for me to check out.


9th - Witness Descriptions

This is something that you only use every so often. But i still think it's really cool that it exists and props to the witnesses that have inputted their witness description. It really is very handy to have these specially for new users as they make their voting decisions


8th - Adding JSONs to Activities "Explorer"

Yep super low key i bet you didn't even know we added this.
Now in Activities there is a button called "Show Others"

7th - An airdrop feature (not a public feature)

Yep this is one that didn't even make it into the list of 44.
It's a feature we haven't even announced but Peakmonsters has been using it to send our PMT tokens... seeing that peakmonsters is a paying partner with Steempeak.
We'll be adding steem/sbd support soon as well for memo messages.
Personally this feature has been a godsend and if you're interested in access contact the steempeak team to have it enabled right there on your wallet page.


6th - Transfer Steem-Engine tokens

Easy to do from keychain but if you're only using steemconnect like just on your phone you now have options

5th - Countdown Timer

It's not something everyone needs every time... but if you know you need it or want it then it's perhaps one of the coolest things ever. Think about announcements for

  • Contests
  • Shows
  • Airdrops
  • Tournaments
  • Announcements
  • Meetups
    And it's so simple... and best of all it's decentralized. Any interface could use the code easily. @partiko @steemitblog ... where you at? This could be great for you too.



I go to it every day seeing what's new. I still think we need more suggestions of accounts to add to the watch list.

3rd - Click to view large images + full size slider

Now people can click any of my images to view them larger... i think that's awesome for visual artists coming to steem



No way i was willing to go use a steemit clone. I think for many myriad obvious reasons. Plus where would it end... how many sites was i gonna be asked to open up. Not happening. I think we're all excited we can do everything all in one place AND do it better.


But most of all i just like seeing the reward ammounts.


Each one of these items would be tops on my list but I'll list put them all here at #1 anyway
I've already written a post why these are so important for everyone.


If anyone is gonna share your steem post somewhere externally in my opinion it is borderline delusional to share anything other than a SteemPeak link specially because of the ability to make a custom Short Description.

We invite other interfaces to support this initiative it's a decentralized protocol a "steem command" as we call it. Anyway interface can easily support it. Ask your interface to jump on board.

Because it's something I do every time I post... it's crucial and by far the most used feature of all the 44+ we've done in June. Even if it's not the most flashy of our developments. It never got the headlines from our posts.


You know what to do... go vote.
Here's an easy place


Awesome post I'm tinkering with steempeak. I sought out new front ends as a mobile only user that became very frustrated with @partiko and their MIA lack of communication.

I really think steempeak is top notch, on mobile it's at least not buggy, only some nit picky layout things. But, the best part is I contacted the @steempeak team in discord and they addressed my iPad issues and created new layouts within 48 hours!

Now that is how you steem on and build a solid foundation! I cannot stress enough how dire it is for the chain to have smooth and modern aesthetically pleasing mobile option. I don't know how motivated anyone besides partiko and esteem are in those endeavors but I'd imagine it's worth focusing on. But, both those UIs are not meeting my standards which are only set at post dial up internetting. I heard esteem updated and improved but nothing holds a candle to the features of steempeak. So yea, keep up the great work and let's see that this front end takes the lead in steeming for peak performance!

Side note iOS split from iPad on the last update if that's worth anything to anyone out there.

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Wow, I had no idea about most of these features. I love what you have done with Steempeak. Amazing project and my favorite frontend. I have dedicated my latest post to you guys. Keep it up!

Easily the best frontend in my opinion

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Love the palnet/tribes addition. You did an amazing job with the integration. I’m enjoying the switch to Steempeak instead of hopping back and forth between palnet and Partiko!

Glad you're liking it.
Still would love to see the PAL token vote breakdowns... if i'm not mistaken you're a pretty big pal holder. I'm guessing the large vote this quickly has lots to do with your vote. haha

The more I use it, the more I like it lol. I can’t compliment you enough on it. Being able to see the PAL breakdowns would be incredible — maybe even a way to see the PAL value you’re about to vote with next to the slider as well? That would be legendary!

Yeah I managed to snag up a few pal when everyone decided to dump their claimdrop ;)

I started using Steempeak recently as I can switch between my main and commumity accounts easily. I also love it where I can see all the wallet details at a glance. And now with these new feature, Great job guys!

Great work guys. Definitely number 2 reason for the reasons you highlighted. So glad I don't have to touch any more steemit clones now.

Wow you guys have been busy :) I know I have mentioned this in the (long ago) past to the steempeak devs, but what I would really like to see is a condensed view for browsing feeds. It is the one thing that prevents me from using steempeak, even is far preferable for me because I can see so many more posts at once in the feed. I know y'all are photographers and what not and love the giant images and huge post previews, but take a look at reddit and tell me there isn't a demand online for minimalist, condensed view design for feeds...

@carlgnash we included a compact list view some time ago that's similar to steemit. Check it out and let us know if this fit your needs

I can't seem to find it. I see how to switch back and forth between tile mode and the default view, but can't seem to find list view

This button has 3 option. With one of them you should be able to get the view shown in this screenshot.


Ah awesome I had missed that! Cool :) Thanks!

Yeah i'm not a fan of the one button to change the views specially with how it's not inutitive that htis button will do that. I'm a fan of having 3 icons that clearly state what they'll do and you won't have to shuffle between them not knowing what the options will be.

👍👌 Total awesomeness and great post detailing the top new features @jarvie ! I just finished checking out the main posting and i'm Wowed by it all and finding myself getting very overwhelmed with everything thats going on and being improved upon But loving it all!
I will have to check out steempeak , and all that it has to offer , sounds fantastic!! 😎❤👌🙋
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Thats Magical!

As you were posing this, I was putting together one about the integration with Steem-Engine and the addition of Tribes to the interface.

This is shaping up to be an amazing application. I love what you all are doing.

Still trying to catch up with you on Discord. Seems we have time zone issues.

i'm around most of the day recently... in fact all day recently. haha

That's Amazing!

Oh Radical!

I knew it had some cool features but they really did it this time.

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Super! 👍 Glad to learn some exciting new features, esp. the first 2 ones. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed. Keep going guys! 💪

thanks and I appreciate it.

You are the og trailblazers!!

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Why steemit?

I will check it out if needed. The transfer I did never arrived although it said it succeeded.

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The only thing with stewmpeak is the slight lag I feel sometimes on mobile. I don’t know what that is about . Other than that it is what it says STEEMPEAK

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what lag?You should bring that up on the steempeak discord and share some findings happy to see if there's anything we can do

Maybe it is my older iPhone with the old iOS , I will check it out again today.

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Great news for the community.

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