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RE: State of Steem #99 📈 | Steem [$1.72] / SBD [$1.37] | Alexa Ranking [1750] | Activity [No.1] | Total Accounts [1,045,165] | Daily Account Transacting [60,423] | Market Cap #31 [$438,169,905]

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@reko thanks for sharing this information on this platform... But the way steem and sbd is dropping is not encouraging I must say.. I pray it should rise soon


ye might be a good opportunity to get some for the cheap though!;)

yeah man most people dont have enough for it to make them much when prices go way up anyway, its probably best for them to save up some fiat to buy bitcoin when steem is cheap to buy steem with, and then really get a larger stake! Im set to become a steemillionaire as soon as steem goes to not $300 or $200 but around $175 thats all i need steem to be to have a million dollars worth with my nearly 6000 SP, and i just want to get to 10,000 SP very badly s that I only need $100 steem to become a steem millionaire. I feel like this becomes a realistic goal with crypto being so powerfully capable of rising to high prices when you invest in great projects with bright futures, and i feel like $100 steem is realistic because of all the dapps and ecosystem here on steem, so $100 and even $200 steem is a very nice Goal!

We need more Minnows to be posting Youtube videos all about their conversations and posts oin steem, youtubers need to see videos about indidviusal posts that make $100s opn steem, to show how much peopel amke just psting comments, wioth videos the next day showing how much comments can make showing $1 comment aftermaths making their youtube viewers jelous and that will amke them want to signup and post on steem! we NEED reddita nd 4chan users too! we can buy ads on 4chan to promote steem!.com/trending/4chan :D I just feel we need to use minnows to advertise across old legacy social media where billions of peopelnd millions of bitcoin investors await us :D with 100 million users $100-$200 steem seems realistic since we WILL have massive demand to prop up steem!

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