Is Steem Dollars On The Rise Back To Its All Time Highof $13.81?

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Guys, I have to be quick because I have just about 5 minutes to complete this article before I have to go attend some of my study lectures.

source: Steemit ( Google Search)
SBD is trading at $5.63 today (February 16, 2018). It was at somewhat near $5.04 yesterday while I was going through Coinmarketcap. SBD had a market cap of 53M USD when it reached its all time high of $13.81 on December 2017, and now its market cap is around 49M USD, which means that if the currency hadn't inflated, it would be trading at around 12USD now.

SBD is on its rise and will hit 7$ in the coming months in my opinion. I do think that SBD is going to hit that 14$ mark one day soon. What do you guys think? I am open to any conversation.
Bye, see you with another article, which I hope I could make a bit longer by taking my time.

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I do not know at all but I would like, but personally I see it more stable.

some reading :

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