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Steemle is a project i started about a week ago.
It's currently in an open alpha stage. (Which is why some data is out of date or missing.)
I wanted it to be public as soon as possible so users could give me their input on what they want to see and how they want it to be presented.
What it is? (or what will it be?)
Well, several things.
A search engine, a meta data analyzer and an api provider.
But at least for me, the most important part is the meta data analyzer.
With a platform like steem, there is a lot, and i mean A LOT of data hiding in between the discussions.
And I'm not talking about witnesses and price feeds.
I'm talking about trends, statistics and hidden values that are constantly changing and evolving that are for the most part invisible to the average or even experienced steem user.

For example:
What do the top authors have in common?
What's the average text length of a post?
How many sentences are being used?
What are the most used words?
How many votes do authors recieve and from whom? (the same goes for downvotes)
What's the average payout of a post or an author?
I could go on for days with this.
And that's not only off the top of my head but more or less overall statistics.
Imagine information like that on every author, account, voter, post, reply, witness etc...
There is just so much to discover and to analyze in the steem universe.

The other part, that is already pretty much usable, is the search engine.
It's a simple to use search with a couple of more or less useful sorting options.
The results are not perfect.
But over time, it should get better.

And the last part is the api.
If steemle is already gathering all this information, why not let it be used by other developers?
After I made all the information available on the website, I will provide the same data and more on the api so other developers can use if they need it.

So what is left to talk about?
Just a couple of days ago, while working on steemle, I realized the amount of work required to develop it is more than I expected.
Not too much for me in general, but with the current situation I'm in, working part time and working on steemle the rest of the day is just not an option if steemle should be somewhat usable anytime soon.
If I could work on steemle full time, it would not only progress much faster but my motivation would stay high enough to not just give up on the project and throw it away.
Which is what I'm currently thinking about.

If I could somehow be compensated enough to not work part time I would greatly appreciated it and continue working on steemle.
But couldn't a top 19 witness position help with that?
Yes and no.
The current witness pay would be enough get me what I need but with unexpected price fluctuations it's not an option in my case.
And after asking some of the top actively voting stake holders, getting voted in in exchange for a platform like steemle is not what they have in mind when deciding on who to vote for.

I would greatly appreciate if someone has a solution on how to solve this problem.
Either on steem or in the steem slack.

If not feel free to give your input about steemle.


"Need input jabbasteem! More input!" - Johnny 5


I hated this robot as a kid.
But somehow still watched it.
And in the german version he was called Number 5

That's because Number 5 is alive and he has a heart of gold.

This is a great site!!!

I had been visiting daily, to see where I was on the "Authors ranked by Pending Payout" chart, but it has been down for maintenance the last few days. I was #115 last time I was able to check. Any idea when it might be live again?

Also, I am looking forward to hearing more about the Steemle API -- I hope it is still coming soon!

Best wishes and thanks for making Steemle!

It will only stay up if he can get funding, he's made a lot from this post, but I don't think that's enough.

Hopefully, maybe we can get together a fund and chip in some Steem for him after the 4th.


I think if @jabbasteem let us know some ballpark figure of what he needs in the way of funding, some of us would help for sure!

In the mean time, it seems to be another issue, which has the author's page off the air.

Hopefully that will be solved soon. I really like what @jabbasteem did with steemle and I wish him well!

I've always found to be very useful and interesting. I'm wondering now if you could break replies out into a separate chart so we can see how the number of replies grows based on the new rewards algorithm.

Also, perhaps you would consider moving the charts representing membership and usage to the top. Those are MUCH more interesting than the transactions per day and transfers per day charts that are currently at the top. Thanks for your consideration and for all of your effort!

It's unfortunate everyone missed the point of this post. This site isn't going to remain alive if there isn't a source of funding...that's what he's looking for suggestions to help solve.

Did you offer to vote for him? It seems he was turned away by active voters

Turned away; how?

I was hoping he'd be encouraged from the high revenue, I'd be happy to contribute Steem to the project, it's a good site and can be improved upon further.


i would offer my assistance on design as contributing to this amazing project!

Hello @jabbasteem, its the only place where we can actually see curation rewards.. thanks for that!

I use it everyday! When will I be able to track how many articles were written per day?

Caution: Octopi in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

I put my username into the search engine and all it came up with were two comments I'd written. My posts weren't there at all...

yes it currently only searches in titles and bodies.
the account page i was planning on adding soon would show all your posts so there isnt really a need to search through authors.

I still think there is something wrong. Looking at my replies - up until June 2nd, I'd made 9 comments - but am not listed at all in the "replies" list, while people with fewer comments are. It's the same issue with the number of posts - I'd done 6 posts up to June 2nd but am not listed at all while people with fewer posts are. It's like I don't exist!

bc you are a fairly new user i had a bug in a script thats why have to reindex the blockchain.
And in general, take a look at the top right corner in the navbar.

Thanks, mate. Keep up the good work!

Wow! Truly amazing; thanks!

Obviously searched myself :D

I was wondering though; what does "net shares" mean?

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Great start! This will be very useful for the community, I'm sure.

Congratulations @jabbasteem! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 3 years!

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Excellent work so far! :)

Please consider using logarithmic vertical scales on your charts, as they give you much more insight.

This is waaay cool!

HI, I noticed an alpha of this site, are there any plans for new developments or is this project finished?

I would love to see the statistics. Waiting and excited:)

Hello my friend
i voted
Give me a vote tnx ❤️❤️❤️

This looks great! Hope you find a way to keep it going!

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