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Locking stake for 100% passive income, improving content, helping apps

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I get the general idea of POS but in my understanding not every POS coin holder produces block , aren't they also ranked liked witness and the top guys make the money??

Even in that case , you are performing a task ( running nodes etc) to get coins in return as opposed to the proposed idea of cold ROI return.

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They're ranked by stake, so the big guys make the most. Absolutely no difference to what we'd have here.

You're right about the nodes. This is a technical necessity though, and setting one up is as simple as keeping your wallet open, no effort at all. They need this to have block production decentralized, which is solved on steem by the witnesses.

You also need to see that vote selling already allows for cold ROI, with all the negative side effects. It can't get worse than it is right now.


Valid points ..but let's parse this statement a bit more

so the big guys make the most

In my understanding not everyone makes the same % ROI ( big guy vs small) so the smaller staker gets very low % ROI hence there is an element of market risk , albeit it's more of a winner takes all.

What is proposed here is everyone gets the same % ROI as cold return.

If every staker gets the same % ROI , I concur with your point and find both situations to be quite similar.

Bid bots still operate with a market risk that tomorrow any of the UI may decide to ignore the posts upvoted by them so they have an incentive to keep adapting with the ecosystem.


I don't know any PoS coin that gives a higher return to big stakers. The percentage of staking coins you hold usually defines the percentage of blocks you create.