intelliwitness UPDATE - Aug 23, 2018 - Looking for more votes... Our price feed seems higher.

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Our node solves a couple of blocks a day, every day. Our price feed seems higher than most other nodes.

First, if you have any of your free 30 witness spots available, please consider voting for intelliwitness which is currently a non-top 50 witness.

What does a non-top 50 witness mean?

It means we are in scheduled rotation to confirm a steem block once or twice a day. At any given moment, our witness node could confirming the next steem block in the chain, and signing it.

It also means, in order for someone to vote up our witness node, they'll need to manually key in the username "intelliwitness" on the witness page. (We don't show up on the list)

intelliwitness has been running successfully since March 2018, full time, 24 hours a day, every day. Multiple upgrades and security patches done in that time, and we're closely monitoring it.

We've noticed is our price feed is usually 0.03 to 0.10 higher than the rest of the witness nodes.

This is due to some modified price scripts we're using, and different aggregate data feed providers. Since we're a few cents higher, it also helps to round out the other witnesses who are extra low on price.

intelliwitness is a witness node managed by @intelliguy

We appreciate every single voter. Even if you have 15 SP, we could still use your vote.

  • Voting instructions are on this older post, as well as the initial introduction post about intelliwitness


I like your commitment. Keep doing well

Keep at it, and these updates should encourage more witness votes. We appreciate the communication.

hi friends how can i do to be a witness?

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