What that really matters on a social network

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Dear @steem-bountiers

after an almost one month of work in China, i am back to Poland and i can again be connected with the world as before.

In the main time i am looking a very nice initiative of my best Steemit friend @crypto.piotr to support the Steemit community finding who deserve to get some delegation from who can give it.

Now my situation is totally different than 4 months ago, when with my low SP i was not able even to use freely my account due to less of RC.

I can understand the feeling of who wanted to be active member and frustrated when cannot be and in the same time some whales say that you should invest your money on it instead to beg help or cry.

Luckly i am not interested to have just a business place in Steemit, if i would be that i was already ruined when price of Steeem was 20 time than now.

So i am happy that in Steemit there are people like @crypto.piotr which are giving their best to make this social network a popular social and not elite place like most of whales wanted.

I cannot believe in my eyes when i could see some of them even attack Piotr because he is trying to promote this service, soem of them write a post that he could be a scammer, how people can be so stupid??

Anyway i saw a lot of people answer to this poor woman defending Piotr to the radical chic attack.

So i would like to say thank you to those users who gave me some of their SP to help me to develop:

These users gave us some of their SP and we must deserve their believing on us, what do you propose?

Please make the comment to get the bounty!

I always support my beloved community of @steem-bounty.

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What kind of a royal ass is going to call @crypto.piotr a scammer. Those Bitconect promoters were the scammers. @trevonjb is still kicking around getting upvotes from @lordgod (probably alt account) after everything he pulled off. But there are people attacking @crypto.piotr That's just sick. I don't know too much about him but one look at his blog says a lot about him.

So I guess some intelligence and sensibility would be great for a social media.


Dear @d-zero, you know Who are the haters? Unfortunately All social network have such people which have no their Life and want destroy others One.
Let keep on our way and help each other against these shits..

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I wasn't aware they were attacking him? When did it start and what is it all about? dudes been a gentleman as far as my dealings with him

Nice to see that you are out of China and with one with freedom to browse without censorship. It sucks to hear about attacks on @crypto.piotr out of all people who was even delegating SP to smaller accounts so that they can interact better on the blockchain.

I'd say there are 3 kinds of people that matter on social media.

  1. Content creators
  2. Tech guys/developers
  3. Community guys.

If these three types are strong, we can build a strong social network.

I feel honoured my dear @intellihandling

And welcome back:)

Think I would go crazy following the restrictive laws of china. Bet it's nice to be out of there.

Welcome back my friend. Steem has been so great like you said but it always feels good to be connected with some individuals like you.

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welcome back to poland. yes low Rc reAlly problem now on steemit

I think connection with like minded users and sharing and creating content with one another is the most important and offers the biggest real world impact of any network.

Everything else is just a bonus

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