I have been here since 2016 -- on steem -- let me tell you what you missed...

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Times are constantly changing...

STEEM blockchain is constantly changing..

New users are here today, tomorrow, and next week...

What have you missed?

A lot of what you missed was the get-rich-quick days on steem... for inappropriate reasons.

Like this post:


$31,543.06 USD for ONE SINGLE POST

Now ask yourself...

If you made that much money from one single post...

Would you sell 100%?

Would you sell 50%?

Would you hold on to your earnings and do something important, like upvote other new users?

No... this girl took the money and ran.. and she ran as far as way as she could.

Not only that... but she tried to promote herself as the @steempowertwins -- asking for donations... tried to become the new decentralized marketing arm of steem.... they sold bitshares tokens called LIVENET.


They put themselves on youtube. They showed themselves buying food with SBD to give to homeless on one video.....

BUT!! -- What did they do? They disappeared.

Problem is... their faces (which they can't erase) are now tainted.

If you see these girls again... Don't trust them.

Now many of us today... that exist after the super easy money of STEEM in the early days... we could all say this...

Give me $31,543.06 USD for ONE SINGLE POST

...and I wouldn't run away from steem. We'd be thankful and supportive of the community and do what we could to encourage it to grow.

...this account @guerrint that got paid $31,543.06 USD is only worth $208 now. She's been powering down (and selling) ever since.

What is the good news?

  • Selfish people like @guerrint that got over-rewarded, that took the money and ran... she is near worth $0 now

  • Selfish people like @guerrint that put her face, her reputation, and her person out there now has to hide... and no longer can be seen (She owes a lot of people money)

The point is this...

STEEM handsomely rewarded early adopters. The income was too "fast and furious" to handle.. so people spent it as fast as they could make it.

This is a new dawn of steem now. We have more new users, more deserving users, and more people who treasure the rewards they get.. Steem bloggers today do not sell and run... they won't risk losing their reputation over fast cash...

This breeds a strong steem.. a more stable steem price over the long term...

...and do not worry... no one now will make $31,543.06 USD FOR ONE POST and run away and sell it anymore.

  • ...because if you do... you'll be called out publicly for it...

The steem blockchain lost value in during those easy-made riches from a year or two ago, and instead, today, the rewards now are more widely distributed.

What do you have to say about what you just read? Were you here in 2016? What do you think in 2018?

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"Those were the days my friend,
We thought they'd never end."

The worst part is that they actually stole money and are still making transfers. Even Hefner's hoes have more spine than these two.

I don’t think it would be possible to replicate this case...
We are learning and adapting, fixing bugs and problems, improving... steem evolution, for good.


You've been here a year. I've seen you around. Thanks for your comment. You joined June 2017

Do you see it as abnormal for someone to be paid $31,543.06 USD for a single post?


What do you mean "abnormal"? I think it is scandalous

Voted you as a witness. Am happy to see you're still here. Am gonna stick around no matter what. 😊

People were pretty generous back then...

There were some crazy posts in the early days. I saw many go to thousands and that was before all the vote sellers sprung up. Whales were giving massive votes to people they liked or maybe there were deals done behind the scenes. I'm not sure what my biggest post was. May have been about $100 when I got lucky. I'm sticking around even if I make cents as I like the community.

I wasn't here in 2016 but why will one prefer temporary wealth to the image of his/her name. It's unfortunate that it happened this way. Much people should be able to learn from this post and value their reputation more.

Hahaha, this is ridiculous. Definitely, when things are controlled by beings as imperfect as humans these things happen. I've always thought that Steemit is a popularity contest. Not many take the time to value the work of others. I mean, quality content not that, but I can see that what quality means varies from user to user.

I don't know what is more ridiculous, the post or the people who supported that content. People supporting this "valuable content" (according to them) we obviously know what "content" they valued.

Big breasts and a pretty face, the loss of many people. Seriously, I can't wait to have more power and value the content of those people who have not yet been noticed and are still overshadowed by posts in the trending section.

And if you ask me, people should get away from that section and look for a little more. I'm sure there are many diamonds to discover.

I think i have many things to learn from you. thanks some one told me about your name. i will keep following your posts on steemit.