A Cry For Freedom

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Freedom is the ultimate determinant of human "will" expression. It opens the door to greatness, to peace, to creativeness.. to happiness.


When we were young, we were asked in school about our future aspirations. We talked about being a president, a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer.
This are the professions we were taught defines accomplishment.

Fast forward to a few more years, we get confused about what we really want and ask ourselves all sort of questions.
Many find themselves in a line of study they really are not content with either by being enforced upon by parents or lack of self- discovery, some get really lucky enough to tread the path envisioned by their inner-self and charge the courage and determination to pursue the goal.

No matter the side we find ourselves, life always have this power to meddle with our path in the definition of our dream and future.


My name is Paul Oluwanisola, a 22yrs old male from West Africa, and this is a brief about my current challenges, my ultimate dream, and my future aspirations.
After being sent packing unwillingly by everyone from my parents house due to the effect of gas pollutant in our packed settlements that causes heavy shortness of breath which seems to affect only me, to a cousin's place in another part of the country which in itself was hell due to her personal struggles to meet ends meet.
I currently find myself trapped in a friend's house for almost two years with his parent which is proving difficult day by day base on many factors.

Despite working for about 12hrs/day on a salary of 54$/month that hardly carter for feeding, I am currently very limited to express my "free will" in many aspects which is affecting my self-esteem.

What is a Human without self-confidence?

The Human in me is crying to be set free


The advent of Ponzi Scheme in 2016 which by its result milked majority in my country dry including me with my penny due to ignorance, led my curiosity to further research about the digital realm of making legit money. As a newbie I was first exposed to tasks and completing surveys, to affiliate programs which require some level of knowledge and online presence, all to no avail.

I cannot give up I said to myself

Further research caught my attention to something very exciting I had came across many times but really didn't look into "Blogging".
The excitement I had with blogging after setting a free WordPress site call me wanting for more, I can't fully express the joy I found in blogging talkless the ability to fetch some cash, but with the dedication, time and focus required by this new passion and the not-so-good situation in my country and myself are preventing me from pursuing this ultimate dream due to the need to acquire "the daily bread".

For anyone who has experienced some serious level of stress, they would agree with me it is the master key to all sort of depression. Just how really depressed I am, I cannot measure but I know I am really very depressed, the sort I haven't experienced ever in my life.


Right from childhood to this stage in life, a conscious teachings I was taught and learnt about is never to be 'dependent'. I have tried from my personal endeavors to survive with my efforts but it really proving difficult than I imagined.

With a hopefull heart for a miracle..
I desperately need the financial support and assistance of people to aid me in securing an accommodation, getting the necessary devices to set my online endeavors and relieve me from this stress and struggles.

The goal is '900$', as it will cover all housing expenses for a year and feeding for a month.

With the power of the decentralized world, I discovered Steemit Network is the perfect place to start up an encouraging blogging career.
Stress and distractions have prevented me to commit to this platform after setting up my account from the beginning of the year but am very ready to give it my all if people support me to hand me my freedom.

God Bless You..
God Bless Humanity..

Ether address
Bitcoin address

Fast forward to the future base on my experience, I will thrive to support and assist any struggling person I have the privilege and chance to support.
The world is a better place when everyone is happy.


Thank You Very Much.

PS- an account would be made on how raised fund is spent, and shared across social media in a thank you post.

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DM me on Telegram for any info https://t.me/pauloluwanisola

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Hard times will become good times at one point. Trust me, then it is really good to look back on it :)


Hmmm.. Already dreaming of a day I will look back at this time and give more thanks to God



Thank you so much Man. God bless you in a way you cannot imagine.


Thank you so much Man.
God bless you in a way you
Cannot imagine.

                 - paulo380

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Maybe some resources in this post may help you. Look to create value for others, not extract value for yourself and you will obtain the resources you need. https://steemit.com/employment/@lukestokes/why-i-think-getting-a-job-is-already-outdated


Thank you so much.. I plan on doing same thing but with your encouragement I am more motivated to get going


I just finished reading the post. It really an eye opener on how to attain some level of success in many area doing amazing things.
The issue with me is that, I need a way to break free from this 12hrs/day job which is preventing me from many things, just like why I commented on this post late and how I am currently at the back office to check out my phone.

I very much appreciate your upvote Sir, my reputation just got jeted.


Maybe this post can help also. Good luck on your journey.


Thanks very much Sir.

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Thank you Man, i really appreciate it, i can't afford seeing my reputation being degraded as i will very soon by God's grace fully focus on the platform