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RE: Vote Values in Steem Basic Income - Part Three: Where Are We Going?

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Excellent. So the quick question then is, mathematically, are better off
a) delegating 2 sp which becomes 1 SBI
b) upvoting with the strength of that 2 sp for 1.25x rshares return

I'm not sure how the math works. If I have 2 sp and I vote at 100% with it, it will produce xMrshares. Is x=80? (i.e. I can vote 10 times a day at 100%... is that 800Mrshares?)

Does that then mean that voting with those 2 shares will return 1000rshares to me/day, whereas delegating would return a mere 800rshares to me daily?

Buying a share, though... you create 2 shares, each worth 800rshares/day. So, while you've short-term lost the steem, once your expenses are recouped, plus the income you haven't earned while recouping your expenses, you'll catch up to that amount shortly thereafter, and then be moving at 4 times the speed (assuming you're also receiving as many shares as you gift) of the delegator. Does this seem correct?


The return on an enrollment is higher than the return for delegating a comparable amount, but with delegation you control the SP still.

The return on upvotes is higher than for delegation of same SP, but only if you expect to earn delegation. As we receive so many upvotes, we expect most members to get low curation from upvoting us.

The multiplier makes it so upvoting us is slightly better than upvoting yourself. If you assume no curation from your upvote on us, then the return on delegation to us should be close to same as upvoting us.

All told, we think that in most cases your SBI optimization will be driven more by your other steem goals, as the different value factors achieve very similar results.

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Excellent! That's what I want to hear! (that the particulars make no difference, and so just behave normally)

We've tried really hard to redesign the system to continue rewarding positive Steem behavior, but without some of the perverse incentives that were in the original system.

You mean, like, spending ALL your steem on SBI, so you have no sp?

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Yes, that is one of the activities that we unintentionally encouraged, and the incentive to do that will be diminished significantly under the new system.

Does upvoting comments count towards the added rshares or only main posts?

Comments and posts from @steembasicincome and all pool accounts.

Including this comment! :)

We don't plan to start posting ten times a day, though.

well, no, but upvoting once with 20sp would be like upvoting 10 times with 2... but also, it will count upvotes on comments, too, right?

It will. After release we will be releasing more resources, including infographics, etc. And I would be happy to go over the particulars of your situation.

I've tried to make each value factor attractive on its own, so that the choices on which to optimize are driven by your own circumstances and goals instead of by having to enroll vs. delegate to get decent value

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