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Here is my entry for the steem high contest.

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Hello Dimimp, I have been following you for a while and I must say you are one of the kindest and most generous people I've ever come across.
My name is Gift Adeola, I am from Nigeria.
I am in dire need of your kind help.
I am a widow with two beautiful sons
Laide who is three years old.

And Laoye who is just 7 months old


Life has been tough since my husband died in March from an illness we weren't able to afford treatment for.
My sons and I have been living from hand to mouth since then.
My eldest son is starting school Next month and I don't have the funds to pay his school fees and buy his school uniforms and books.
And to make things worse, the rent of our apartment has expired and we've been given until the weekend to pay or move out.
Our rent is N250,000 which is 625 Steem and my sons school fees is N50,000 which is 125 Steem which is a total of 750 steem.

I will sincerely appreciate if you come to our rescue as you are our last hope.

I will also ask to be employed in your space force as my job as a help only pays me N25,000 which is 62.5 Steem monthly which is not enough to feed my children and take care of their needs and I have had to sell most of my valuables so that we can survive this far.
Thank you as I anticipate your kind response.