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RE: The History of Steem/Steemit Launch in the Words of @dan Larimer from the early Launch Days.

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Holy Headaches Batman! I really do want to understand all of this stuff and am trying, but I need to just admit that it's beyond me perhaps. I'm glad you guys are on it. Oddly I just told someone on FB how easy Steemit is to overthink so he needs to just have fun with it. Back to posting my high school poetry and podcast blogs for me I guess! But thanks again guys, whoever's behind making this all possible for us. Like I tld the guy on FB, Steemit totally "had me at free blog that also ad-free!"


Oh and please, I've read that upvoting one's own comments is a good thing, and that's why the option exists on our posts, but if that is wrong I'd really like for anyone on this thread to correct me before I get in trouble for it. I do already understand "voting power" and not to vote all day long already. I think I do anyways...

Voting for your own comments can sometimes help them stay near the top and get more votes. I would use it carefully.

Thank you, that's part of why I do it, and possible followers. But I read something days ago that you get curation credits as well. That could be a) wrong, or b) old info that's now outdated. I don't want to be penalized of course, and will be careful, thanks much

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