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RE: The History of Steem/Steemit Launch in the Words of @dan Larimer from the early Launch Days.

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Oh and please, I've read that upvoting one's own comments is a good thing, and that's why the option exists on our posts, but if that is wrong I'd really like for anyone on this thread to correct me before I get in trouble for it. I do already understand "voting power" and not to vote all day long already. I think I do anyways...


Voting for your own comments can sometimes help them stay near the top and get more votes. I would use it carefully.

Thank you, that's part of why I do it, and possible followers. But I read something days ago that you get curation credits as well. That could be a) wrong, or b) old info that's now outdated. I don't want to be penalized of course, and will be careful, thanks much