Steem Power May Be Coming To A Wallet Near You!

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Big Day Coming!

2 months down and we are back to square one again.  The live drawing for monthly delegations is right around the corner baby!!! First I definitely need to look over the supporter list again because I'm thinking of adding some others to that list. Also I will run a test drawing a day or so before the real thing goes down. There are a few more details I want to share in the video. Hope yall are ready for this! Peace. 

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4500 SP for delegate your supporters is a great idea bro! SP becomes one of the most precious! So this is so great!


Humanearl: "we coming to youall to give you good news"
baby starts crying

Well, i havent been a big supporter because of college and all that... don't know if you will cut me, but i would understand xD

Good luck to everyone! Humanearl is giving back to the community! This is a network, when one grows the whole net grows!

It's amazing how fast time passes. It seemed to me that it was quite recently:) and it's been 2 months. I think that your list of supporters has increased and for this reason, new people also deserve delegations. Unfortunately, I can't go through the video and find out what details you told us.

@humanearl, That's fantastic news hear again. Last month I got 200 steem power from you through delegation. It was really helpful for developed my steemit journey. I hope again I will enter your real supporters list. Thanks for doing great job here without thinking your profit.

Well she is indeed looking adorable ;)

Well yes buddy that is a nice idea I do remember that the video had some difficulties and I did saw it but was not able to in live

Well I do like your idea of the test run !(seems like Alpha test)

All the best to all those lucky ones ;)

Keep doing what you do man, you deserve a lot more respect and recognition. One love

This is gonna be great again as always keep steeming on :)

Yeah..Big day coming soon. I have hope I'll list again of your delegation. Time goes very speedy. Two months have been finished. Next month will come. It's perfect work @humanearl.

@humanearl WOW! Another drawing for Steem Power delegation. You are a very generous guy for sure Earl. Be careful now your daughter may steal your show away! LOL!

Hopefully I'll make it on it this time round, the last one was a little late as I had only discovered your account. Great Going @humanearl!

I do not speak English ... Your baby is beautiful and he likes the camera. Blessings!

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