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We have direct support for transferring from any wallet to Steem. This is a game changer as it will allow me to transact in Steem with buyers.

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The Steem logo has been there for some time - a few weeks or so. But, today it was not grey, denoting that it is functional, so I went for it. There was a $600 limit (or 0.48btc) and I did my first transfer just now. Totally new, I have no estimated rate on this transfer but the 0.15 btc I sent should be visible in my wallet soon.

It has been a long time coming. This should also work if you are sending your Steem directly through Shapeshift to your mobile or PC wallet. I see the Shapeshift mobile app on Android is working as well, but as of yet there is no Steem support on Coinomi (mobile multi-coin wallet).

B to Steem.jpg

Each day we are closer to full fledged crypto status - and why not? Our transactions are free and instant.


The Bitcoins are stuck in the unconfirmed transactions pile that is Bitcoin (of late).

Yesterday it looked like this...


Now they have upped the transaction fee to 0.00072508 but it is still not going anywhere as we head into 20 hours.

Fingers crossed but it is only .15 btc. I will try a Dash transfer to Steem in a bit. But, I will not be making any further "low quality" posts like this one. I have been spanked!


I am done here - it's been a good three weeks. The old "pajero" @berniesanders has chased another one away.

I will power up a few more whales and flag bernie and his freinds on the way down.

Hah! Blocktards can't keep up - they don't have chump-change. LOL*

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Okay @fulltimegeek But, you are on the wrong side of this movement. Bernies didn't like being exposed and is misusing his power. But I can give you one clip full as a taste.

Nastalgia. Because you were my first real flagger, and I tried diplomacy. Did not flag you back. Till now.


I keep my promises. Almost set up. Then I need to scale as I have so many times before in business.

Thanks for taking time to read and resteem!


Image Sources: My own screen, my own captures.

Long time 🐟 turned 🐋 to have a voice.

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I'm completely confused as to why this happened to you. I know I'm super late in saying this, and in fact it has opened my eyes to something I didn't realize before, which is that many of us have the tendency to think that just because someone is a whale they are immune to these types of issues. Many of us tend to view whales as if they are super human and above the need for the support of the little fish. I am one hundred percent guilty of neglect right now, and I feel incredibly awful about that. I put you in the post I made when I reached 10,000 sp and it was two weeks after you put up this post. And I didn't even realize it. I just discovered this when I was scrolling down my page and I saw that a post of yours I had resteemed from a few days prior to this was muted. Which caused me to come here...and find this.

I'm not sure if you'll even see this comment, but if you do, I am very sorry.

Please don't go. I don't understand all these flag wars but I know Steemit always need great content. I did a recent post on whale wars compared to Whale Challenges. What can we do but use humor for all this insanity... although this is not so funny.
Your post is great and never should have been wiped out. I nearly missed it screams silently

The last Edit says you are leaving, I hope this is not really true Sir @htooms - please don't go!

I agree 100% with you, Uwe!
@htooms you CAN'T leave steemit due to one person when thousands will miss you then. That doesn't make sense... Please don't. We all know these moments well. But I bet the good experiences you have had and will have here are able to balance any negative experience. Just think about it ;-)

I saw that Shapeshift added Steem a few days ago. They are a great service for folks that want to stay off the exchanges and very reasonable trading fees if you are using resident wallets.

Yes there fees are tolerable. Though they may have this one set to low - still blinking "Awaiting Exchange"

That is great news! The improvements will continue and one day before too long Steem will be among the big boys!

I agree! Once people find out they don't need to copy, paste, read and confirm those long btc-addy strings, there will be a wave of adoption to Steem-Simplicity.

In today's world, simplicity is key. If it is more than 3-4 steps, sometimes even 1-2 steps, a majority of people get frustrated, lose interest, and then give up!

They have been around for quite some time and its a pretty cool service. Just took a look again and noticed they take LBRY as well now. I found the best way for me so far is mining ethereum and just have it auto convert through blocktrades

Blocktrades is awesome and the limits are much higher. I can do 2 to 3 Bitcoins at a time. But I do like to compare rates. Especially for large transactions. Steem and Bitcoin are both in a really good price range for a Power Up!!

Awesome stuff!!!

I gotta try it.

I'm looking into offline wallets, do not have one yet.
What wallets are you use? And which would you recommend?

I like the core wallets "Dash Wallet" and "Bitcoin Wallet" (bitcoind) which I used to use for mining, easy to dump private keys for cold storage. These solutions take a lot of disk space - not fast for recovery.

Once you have your keys - Electrum is great for access to a wallet via "import private keys". (bitcoin)

I don't have a PC solution with server based blockchain access for Eth or Dash, but keeping an Android phone at-home-only with Coinomi gives you every type of crypto in one wallet - and YOU hold your seed phrase (like a private key). Shapeshift is also built right in on Coinomi. With a strong password, you can take the phone out with you too. Even then, I don't feel comfortable with $100,000 in my pocket - psychological I guess.

Didn't know Coinomi.

Good idea to have a dedicated phone for the wallet; Have some Android devices at home; Will check Coinomi and select one of the Androids.

Thanks man! Super info!

First set up - it will ask you to write down and store (plus re-enter) a group of words which is your seed. You can even test your seed on another phone and all your balances will be there as soon as you enter it. Very handy! (may not be the best in a hard fork - private keys are best for that)

How do you backup? Or you keep the phone always on power?

The seed phrase is your backup. You need not even keep Coinomi on your phone. You could copy the seed, select the alt-coins you want it to keep, then copy the "Receive" addresses for all of them. Done. Uninstall and it's called "cold storage"

When you want to spend your coins, just install the coinomi.apk (application) and enter the seed phrase.

That is really good info. I am going to give this a whirl!

WOW HOW COOL. Wanted to go to bed early, but I really learned something tonight! Thanks a gazillion for that!
A shame Steem is not supported yet :( But I guess, this needs to be online for Steemit to work.

Thank you for posting @htooms.

Always looking for information regarding the ingress/egress of the cryptocurrencies. Appreciate the post.

This is off topic. Have you looked into Trezor 2 hardware wallet...it has added Ether with the software update. So far so good as far as experience goes for bleujay.

Also if you are interested...@xwerk has some posts regarding cryptocurrencies which are quite interesting.


Where is this new marketing guy. Surely he should have told the community this before it went active. Steem needs to take some marketing tips from DASH.


Well that seems pretty cool!!! I am trying to learn all this stuff as fast as I can lol. You know us old folks cant absorb things too fast LOL

I want to try

Bitshares said something about being able to rebalance your crypto by using their services.
Have you looked at what they are up to?

I don't know anything about bitshares. I have only heard bits and pieces of info on it. Can you recommend a guide? I think it uses open ledger? I have to admit my ignorance on this one (but it's on my list).

I'd have to add the app, but the computer I am on is not my own.

Bitshares was created by Dan, I think something jumped the tracks a year or more back, Dan jumped off Bitshares track, for sure, why, I am not certain.

From what I have seen they give you a bts coin for whatever coin you put in, then internally you can trade those coins, and when you want to exit you get whatever coins you currently hold btscoins for.
But I don't have first hand knowledge of the platform.

Thanks for taking the time to chime in. I actually created a bitshares account today after reading the link @samupaha left me. So far, it looks pretty clean.
If it's anything like Ripple - I was in that 6 years ago, and it was a disaster. I had to undo all the trades I had made in a year's time before I could leave.
I will try a few trades and then try to withdraw to zero on bitshares to see if it is the same.

I hope you let me know how that went, I'll be there sometime after I get better situated.
What does undo trades mean?

I had to find all the people I had met at meetups, look for their contact info, then trade back the coins I had bought from them or sold to them, then I could exit from Ripple clean. I still have some 40,000 ripples I bought when it first opened. I will have to look up my account log-in info someday.

Good for you.
What have you done to BSanders?

Probably the best way to get initial understanding of Bitshares is to check out the technology page at bitshares.org.

Nice work $teemit!!!!! 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳

Thanks for sharing this! I have kicked around the idea of selling some of my collectible toys for steem. It looks like this might make it a bit easier... if I ever get off my butt and decide to get started.

Yeah, I am trying to get rid of some things too.

Excellent. Feel free to send it all to my wallet.

This is great for Steem!

This is great news! Thank you for the update.

I just got over that you flagged me once, don't go now.

I missed this post. useful news. thx :)

I like your work! + follow

I don't fully understand what is going on with the flagging stuff but what the naked eye can see is no different from politics, same scandal and fight. Isn't steemit supposed to be different? Maybe I didn't get it right and it's designed like this on purpose... If so, I'm gonna turn myself into monster whale and flag you all, hehe...

you have to be patient, a great man who was able to power

Did I just shift to a different reality or something? I've been using ShapeShift to exchange my Steem for 6 months at least, with just a couple short gaps where it wasn't available. Now I'm logging in and seeing 2 separate posts about how it's just happened, and most of the conversation in the comments sounds like bots, straight up automated responses, and they're getting a ton of upvotes..

Could be the country?!? It's been grey here for at least six months. Otherwise, why would I be powering up with poloniex and blocktrades. Anyway, it's moot because the limits are a half a coin and it just doesn't work.

Interesting. Ya it's worked for me in the US & Mexico for quite a while, with the amount you can exchange being limited by the demand on the market.