Coin prices go up and down, but blockchain, goes forward

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This is my belief. Blockchain is not about going anywhere, but to stay and change the whole world. change in financial systems, IoT, artificial intelligence, logestics etc.

Among cryptos, Bitcoin has been a frontrunner and leader since beginning, some altcoins like Ethereum have changed the game, fundamentally, to open new horizons and some have been great in marketing like XRP or Tron and some other look interesting in idea, but risky at the same time.

I like bitcoin, I like ethereum, I mostly avoid the marketing heros like Ripple and Tron, and I love exploring the last category: Tokens with great ideas!

STEEM stays there, great idea, feasible, still risky and sensitive to mistakes by leaders and market conditions.

should I invest in STEEM?

Currently Steem is primarily used on the Steemit platform so the value of STEEM is closely tied to the success of the Steemit platform.
To make STEEM's success redundant, they have introduced SMT, standing for Smart Media Tokens.

SMT is a digital asset on the Steem blockchain. SMTs are STEEM-like cryptocurrency tokens that can be integrated it into web applications and used to create incentives to entice Social Media users to participate in, and grow, their platform.

So more startups or running apps and sites using SMT, will result in more adaption of STEEM and more demand for its tokens.

SMT can play a big role in STEEM's success.

Business model

from the very first beginning I learnt about steem and steemit, I was wondering why they have avoided making money out of ads.
Recently, after massive drops in Bitcoin and altcoin price, steemit team has made 3 good decisions, which resulted in a 30% rise on STEEM value against BTC, as you can see below:


  1. reward pool policies have been modified to decrease the inflation of tokens
  2. google ads are shown below some posts. this pivot in business model seems to be good, but it would be great if they run their own advertising system and platform.
  3. job cut offs and decreasing costs at the central office

what do experts say?

I'd like to refer to website:

Investing in STEEM – like all altcoins – is a very risky affair. However, STEEM is a token with a lot of upside potential as its underlying platform is still the market leader in a highly popular new market segment that has the potential to witness increasing demand in the future. Therefore, by investing in Steem, you are indirectly investing in the future success of the Steemit platform. If you believe Steemit will succeed, then adding some STEEM to your digital asset portfolio makes sense.

I already hold BTC, ETH and STEEM. I advise you to fully understand the crypto market and the risks it performs, invest as much as you afford to lose and be responsible for your own actions!

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I think STEEM and crypto have a very bright future!

Greetings dear @honarparvar

This is my belief. Blockchain is not about going anywhere, but to stay and change the whole world. change in financial systems, IoT, artificial intelligence, logestics etc.

Very well said!
Referring to the title of your publication: Blockchain is not only cryptocurrencies.

All best, Piotr

thanks my friend 🙋‍♂️


Меньше думайте о доходе - больше думайте о ценности которую мы делаем !!!

as I understood with G translator, you said:

Think less about income - think more about the value we make.

you are right, I do agree. but we can't deny the fact and there is no need to do that, many adapt cryptos and so blockchain's tech for the speculation part.

thanks for comment, I hope you write more comments in english so we benefit great thoughts 👍🙏

Ok - I thought that there are many Russian-speaking people here, but probably it is not so I will write in English)

I personally don't think the average articles from subpar sites like BTC Manager includes actual experts, but I still read those articles from time to time.

The team behind @dollarvigilante seem to be experts, somewhat, but in another sense, there are no real experts or masters of the cryptocurrency universe.

I'm glad to see that you have invested in Steem though, I am buying a little bit more every month, and I hope to accumulate 3,000 Steem for my family before the next bull run.

Thanks for writing a decent article, even though I don't agree with the expert label for BTC Manager. I'm still happy to have discovered your posts on the Steem blockchain 😊

Its easy if Bitcoin goes on the bull run and rise Steem will rise at least 3 times more.

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yes it is possible

Great thoughts cum wise advice

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Only time will say when coin gets back to its power.

The question is not in time...
I do strongly believe that cryptocurrencies will be out of turnover in a few years.
Maybe, digital assets are able to gain popularity and spread worldwide.
Have read some about it:

That's good news! By the way, I got this very interesting article on medium. This is the continuation of my post before Episode 3 of Finding liquidity in a bearish market: A Dream of Spring. This is worth reading!

I also hold BTC, ETH, STEEM, and XRP. Thanks for this article.

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Bitcoin has the right balance of pros and cons. That's why it's so popular.

I think Bitcoin is mainly popular because of it's "First Mover" advantage of being the first cryptocurrency in the world @demix.

Where do I start with becoming more knowledgeable about Blockchain and crypto currency?