All New Community-Driven Steem and SBD Faucet!

in steem •  11 months ago 

Hi everyone!

In my continued efforts to find a useful application to add value to the Steem blockchain, I've today created a faucet. As I am limited on funds (will be powering down ~200 Steem over the next 13-14 weeks) this will be an entirely community-driven bot.

To use the bot, simply comment anywhere on SteemIt 'I want to receive a payout from the @hodlorbust faucet!'

This will count how many people have received payouts in the past 24 hours, and add 100 to that value, then divide it's SBD balance and Steem balance by that number. This amount will get paid to the commenter's balance quick as you can dream a transaction confirmation.

You can hit the faucet once per 24 hours per Steem account, and it will not pay more often than this.

Because this is a community driven bot (and sorry I don't have 3 Steem at present to create a dedicated account) - this bot will run on @hodlorbust and be fueled by Steem, SBD you send, or Steem Power you delegate which is then monetized through @smartsteem vote-selling.

Happy Free Steem and SBD to everyone! Yay! Such wow very money!

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I want to receive a payout from the @hodlorbust faucet!

NOTE THAT the bot will only work on newer posts that it tracks (even newer than this post that announced it).

You can test here, like @isnochys did:

I want to receive a payout from the @hodlorbust faucet!